September 5, 2019

SCHEDULED FOR PUBLICATION — firmly scheduled with dates from Baen Books:

November 2019: Council of Fire, with Walter Hunt. This novel is set in a fantasy/alternate history North America in the mid-18th century. The passage of Halley’s comet in 1759 triggers a catastrophe that sunders the New World from the Old World, and unleashes magic in the New World.

March 2020: Castaway Resolution, with Ryk Spoor. This novel is the direct sequel to Castaway Odyssey.

May 2020: The Shaman of Karres, with Dave Freer. This novel is the sequel to The Sorceress of Karres.

1636: The Atlantic Encounter, with Walter Hunt



The Macedonian Hazard, with Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett. This is the sequel to The Alexander Inheritance.


ALSO UNDERWAY — manuscripts being written but not yet scheduled for publication:

1637: The Peacock Throne, with Griffin Barbar, This novel is the sequel to 1636: Mission to the Mughals.

1637: No Peace Beyond the Line, with Charles E. Gannon. This is the sequel to 1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies.

A Desperate and Despicable Dwarf. This is part of the Joe’s World series, and is the sequel to both Forward the Mage and The Philosophical Strangler. The manuscript is about two-thirds finished.

Cloak of Evil (working title; the final title will be different—stay tuned). This is the fourth novel I’ve co-authored with David Weber in his Honor Harrington universe. It is the sequel to Cauldron of Ghosts.


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797 Responses to Forthcoming

  1. Dana says:

    Holy Smokes! “The Ottoman Onslaught” ended in a gigantic cliffhanger is no understatement! What book am I WAITING for now? BTW, Thanks for all the wonderful stories!!!! I surely do enjoy visiting with my “friends” from Grantville, being from West Virginia myself I feel like I really “know” these people.

    • Maury Bridge says:

      I was born in SW Pennsylvania so I also feel a kinship to WV. Always rooted for WVU, except when they played Pitt, PSU or UConn!

    • Kipp says:

      I personally am ready and waiting to hear of a next book on the carribean line of the ROF series! Very EAGERLY waiting that is!

  2. Louis Hamerman says:

    Just finished the Ottoman Onslaught. Now what????

  3. Mitchell Stewart says:

    Always appreciative of the quantity and quality of your work with special thanks to your hyper-active Muse. I was especially heartened to see more “Alexandria” books forthcoming; I had sadly concluded the series had ended. So, I look forward then to more of the 1632 series and now also to “Alexandria”. Yay. Now if David Weber will be forthcoming with more of Honor and of

  4. David Hutcheson says:

    Is anything more planned for the Rivers of War series? I enjoy 1632 but really love the 1812 cast and characters.

    • Eric Flint says:

      Yes. I have a contract for two more novels in that series. I need to write two solo 1632 series novels first, though, which I’ll do back-to-back. The first is 1637: THE POLISH FRACAS (working title) and the second has the Really Working title of 1637: THE TYRRHENIAN TURMOIL. The second one will be a sequel to the just-published 1636: THE VATICAN SANCTION.

      That will take me well into the fall of this year, at which point I’ll start on the sequel to 1824: THE ARKANSAS WAR.

  5. Bill Scott says:

    More great reads!! Thanks Eric.

  6. Chris Rudd says:

    I just reread the 1812/1824 Arkansas books for the 1000th time. Any chance for a sequel looking at the rest of the U.S.-Arkansas war? Maybe the next generation? Love your 1632 series too!

  7. sonnenleiter says:

    I went to a supposedly good restaurant, listened to a lot of chatter, and was served half a meal, and told to come back in a month. Reminds me of the Ottoman onslaught.


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  9. Marc says:

    Very interested in seeing where the Cromwell/Wentworth/Mackay family story lines take us. Any glimmers on the horizon there?

  10. aaron smith says:

    cmon write a sequal to pyramid power !PLLLLLLLEEEASE !and i have one complaint why are eboooks more expensive than physical paperback boooks?and older boooks stay the same price mostly sometimes a dollar cheaper. Does not compute.

    • Mel Tassin says:

      Mel TASSIN
      I think all of your books are really great.
      I am having trouble finding some of the books of the Ring of Fire Series.
      The numbers are not all there. Is there anyway to obtain a complete list of all the books in numerical order regardless of the author?

  11. John Dziki says:

    Just finished Alexander Inheritance. Liked it a lot but, wish it was much much longer. Another 50 pages or more about the passengers on the ship and how they handled the shift. But I guess that what the Grantville Gazette is for.

  12. Sam says:

    Can you provide an update on the future 1632 release schedule, been 6 months since the last update. Thanks

  13. Tom Kalbfus says:

    I read The Alexander Inheritance, it was a good book. I imagine the issue of slavery is going to be big in the next book of this series. Unlike the Antebellum South, some of the slaves in this classic period can read, I think there is likely to be a slave revolt and the Ship People will be forced to take sides. Also has Ptolemy really given up on independence for his Egypt, and should the people on the Queen of the Seas care about it or not? I mean, its not a development that Roxanne would welcome, but for the others in the ship. To preserve the Empire or not? Does it matter? Also what about New America? Does it expand, does it grow, does it become a haven for escaped slaves. I will note that the population of the Earth at this time is around 100 million, this is not a lot of people. There is a lot of wilderness area in Europe. I expect with the introduction of new technology for the population growth rate to take off The Egyptians and others will probably want hard copies of whatever is on the computers before they wear out I think that by the year 0 ACE, their technology will have caught up with our own. Maybe by 221 BCE, much depends on how quickly the new knowledge spreads to the whole planet.

    • William Fuller says:

      Mr. Flint, do you plan to write a sequel to “The Alexander Inheritsnce?” I do hope you will soon.

  14. Daniel Shellenbarger says:

    Excited to see cover art up for 1637: The Volga Rules on Amazon, so looks like the wait for that one is almost over (and maybe Amazon’s release date is real this time)! I didn’t really expect to see that until we’d gotten the main series timeline up to 1637, but I suppose Russia is far enough from the action that what happens there isn’t necessarily going to matter to the main storyline (and that the main story events might not impact Russia directly given how the PLC acts as a massive buffer state between Europe and Russia). Can’t wait for more! Thanks for the stories! And (since everyone else asks questions) is Chuck Gannon working on a sequel to Commodore Cantrell in the West Indies? Thanks, again!

  15. Timothy Kirby says:

    It’s time to update Forthcoming.

    • LJ says:

      I’d also love to know if any of the forthcoming books either in the main story arc or some of the French/Richelieu spin-offs or even in the novels about Sharon and Ruy will mention how Spain and Philip IV are doing particularly with the Catalan and Portuguese revolts. I want to know if the Portuguese succeed in becoming independent in the 163X universe now that Grantville encyclopedias have told them about the successful rebellion in 1640 OTL. I also want to know what happens with Catalonia. It sounds like they nearly succeeded in breaking away (or at least caused a lot of trouble) in the Reaper’s War in 1640 OTL. Also it will be interesting to see what Spain, France, (maybe Portugal) and the European colonizers do with the New World in 163X universe given the advantage of information in the Grantville libraries. I haven’t had a chance to get Commander Cantrell in the West Indies out of the library yet, I imagine there is enough for 10 or 12 novels in the possibilities opened up by information about the New World in Grantville’s libraries.

  16. band says:

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  17. Don says:

    Having a page in your website labeled “forthcoming” is outstanding. Updating it about once a year is absurd. It is totally useless to your fans for about half that time. Probably takes you an hour or two to update on the rare occasions that you do so. If you updated this page about once a month it would be quick to do and would remain relevant to your readers, inducing more visits to your website.

  18. Karl Blessing says:

    I want to reply to Don, yes it is infrequently updated, however you may have not been aware of Eric’s recent bout with cancer, I think his time is best spent on recovery. Just saying.

    • Thane says:

      That’s terrible to hear! I hope he makes a full recovery!

    • Don says:

      I did not know that, thank you for the info. Eric, wishing you a full recovery and the best of health.

    • Bret Hooper says:

      I have long admired Eric, and wished I could be more like him in some ways, but now I have reason to, and strongly do, wish that Eric has, or will, become more like me in one way: on 24-June-2009 I became actually, and five years later officially, a cancer survivor. There are few things that would please me more than to learn that Eric has (or will within five years) become one too!

      P.S. Drak: I believe the majority of us who visit this website would appreciate a new page with at least a monthly update on how Eric is doing, and on which we could leave messages of encouragement.

    • Charles Picard says:

      Well wishes, Eric!

  19. Please wish Eric a speedy recovery from whatever kind of cancer he has been dealing with! (cancers ARE survivable, especially with what we keep learning about them) And my admiration and thanks for a large number of stories with interesting and complex characters, which are all on my bookshelf!

  20. Bob Patterson says:

    I’m sorry about the evil thoughts I had about how long I had to wait from finishing one book until the next came out. Take care of yourself and I will wait as long as it takes to find out what Mike, Becky, and all are up to next.

  21. Herbert Sakalaucks says:

    Walt Boyes just confirmed today that 1635 The Battle for Newfoundland is planned for release by Ring of Fire Press next month! Stay tuned for upcoming snippets and the cover art.

  22. Folz says:


    it seams the we had to wait until late 2018 or early 2019 for the follow up of the ottoman onslought :

    1637 the polish ruckus

  23. Timothy Kirby says:

    Need to update the forthcoming.

  24. donny says:

    Probably most readers will disagree with me. It’s a pity they’re wrong. I’ve read just about everything Flint published. All of it, except for the 19th century American books (only two, alas) and the 1632 series is scarcely worth reading, and not worth buying. And the 1632 books outside of Europe are no better. The India book was a disaster, the Japanese in California, and the two Russian books are so improbable that the suspension of disbelief died of asphyxiation. Also two of the most recent books: Vatican III and Richelieu ended in cliffhangers which left me hoping to live long enough for their sequels.

  25. Phyllis says:

    Waiting for the sequel to The Gods of Sagittarius! Hope it’s in the works too.

  26. Herbert Sakalaucks says:

    Still need to add the ROF Press books to your forthcoming list. 1635 The Battle for Newfoundland is due in January 2018. Walt mentioned there was another one due soon also, but I missed the title.

  27. Ng Wai Yuen says:

    Well, glad to know there’s another book mentioning Asian countries, 1636: The China Venture. I wonder whether Qing dynasty will still be the successor of Ming, or is there another Han-based dynasty going to resist the Manchurian?

    I guess China will be in a situation like the First Sino-Japanese war in the same position…

    • THOMAS M JUDGE says:

      I just checked Amazon, and Iver Cooper’s latest Far East “Grantville” book (The Chrysanthemum, The Cross, and the Dragon) appears to be available. However, it appears to involve the Phillipines rather than Mainland China, so don’t know how it fits into the “Forthcoming”.

  28. John Mansfield says:

    I read The Alexander Inheritance and loved it. When can we expect the next one in this series or have I missed something

  29. Charles Picard says:

    Hey, love your Assiti shards books!
    Any plans to continue the Hellenistic or Mesozoic timelines?

  30. Arun says:

    Any news on the Jao series

  31. Sam says:

    U second that, ic someone could say where the next Jao book is. Is it even in the works?

  32. Sam says:

    Ah, silly autocorrect. Meant to say “i second that, if someone could say”

  33. Maury Bridge says:

    Just finished re-reading the main sequence stories and some of the parallel story arcs. Most anxious for the sequels to The Ottoman Onslaught and Commander Cantrell in the West Indies.

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  36. Mike Hanford says:

    Wonderful comments from all on Eric’s various series! Cannot guess how you keep them all straight? Can I get a vote in for one more story in the Jao series?

  37. Cindy scott says:

    For those wanting a current ‘forthcoming’ list, try checking out fantastic fiction website. I have found it go be pretty current with titles and publish dates.

  38. Tom Howard says:

    1636: Commander Cantrell came out in 2014. Several interesting story lines need new expansion, and I saw no mention in your comments. Is anything in the works?

  39. Nigel Townsend says:

    Hi Eric
    Firstly, thank you for initiating, guiding and writing for the ROF series. I have had much pleasure reading the Gazette and the books.
    I have problem you may be able to assist. I have attempted to send a short sketch several times (now also have about twenty pages of a story too) to the editors using The emails bounce back with an error massage which says ‘550 No such person at this address’. Also, when I attempt to complete the registration form it says
    ‘Please enter the code shown below:
    Invalid validation code.’

    I am at a loss how to proceed. Any ideas?
    Thank you, Nigel

    • Bjorn Hasseler says:


      Thanks for writing a story! Please go to Baen’s Bar (, select Baen’s Bar under Community). You’ll need to register. Then you can post the sketch and story to the 1632 Slush conference. Start another thread with the same title in the 1632 Slush Comments conference so that people can give you feedback.

      Bjorn Hasseler
      Managing Editor, Grantville Gazette

      • cka2nd says:

        By the way, Bjorn, I was wondering if you could tell me if the non-canon stories written by Jose Clavell are still accessible anywhere? They used to be included in the Slush Pile on the old site, prior to the its reorganization, but the whole “Pile” seems to have vanished, at least from there. I had a real soft spot for those stories, including Clavell’s story about the USS Cyclops turning up in the 1632 universe.

  40. Alsec says:

    Well, That’s useful info.

  41. Timothy Kirby says:

    Is there a way to get the audio books printed into paperback or hardback for those of us who like actual real physical books?

  42. Comfi says:

    Ya.. What about print?

  43. Lang says:

    Looking forward to the 1636: The China Venture .

    I recently just started the audiobooks of 1632.

    • THOMAS M JUDGE says:

      I just checked Amazon, and Iver Cooper’s latest Far East “Grantville” book (The Chrysanthemum, The Cross, and the Dragon) appears to be available. However, it appears to involve the Phillipines rather than Mainland China, so don’t know how it fits into the “Forthcoming”.

  44. ShopSousVide says:

    Just finished re-reading the main sequence stories and some of the parallel story arcs.
    thank you

  45. fantastic site you got here. Just discovered you using yahoo! Thank you all you empaty into this job online.

  46. Monica says:

    Great post. Thanks for sharing, will share with my followers.

  47. Eugen Laukamp, Copenhagen Denmark says:

    I’m not normally a big fan of immortality (except in the form of fond memories for peoples wonderful acchievements) but I would quite happily make an exception for Eric Flint and David Weber and their entire families (gotta keep them happy).
    They have kept me happy for more hours than any others (excepting Heinlein and a few more).
    I feel quite ashamed that I cannot control my impatience for the next book to arrive.
    However this is also my accolade for theese wonderful men and their creations; were I indifferent it would be because their work was inferior! (which it’s clearly not). Not even the new muscle from Eric’s sandbox; Offord, Howard, Huff and Goodlett, Hunt, Carrico and Cooper to name but a few can sate my hunger
    Best of health to Eric and David.
    And to the rest of the mentioned.
    You can almost feel the universe shrink when a Bergstralh dies after launching a wonderful series of stories!

  48. Tweeky says:

    I wonder when Eric will start posting snippets of 1637: The Polish Maelstrom?

  49. Tweeky says:

    I idea when the final novel in the Pyramid Schemes series is going to be published?

  50. Mike Johnston says:

    Just read the update on forthcoming books and Council of Fire made me think og another book, just wondered if you were aware of this:
    Uncharted (Arcane America Book 1) Kindle Edition by Kevin J. Anderson (Author), Sarah A. Hoyt (Author)
    “After Halley’s Comet was destroyed in a magical battle in 1759, the backlash separated the entire New World from the Old in an event known as The Sundering. Now isolated from the rest of the globe, America has become a very different place, where magic works and history has been changed forever”.
    Sound very similar to the synopsis of Council of Fire!

    • Eric Flint says:

      They’re part of the same series — or same setting, it might be better to say. Kevin and Sarah’s novel takes place about 40 years after Walter and mine’s — which has been retitled THE SUNDERING, by the way. None of the characters are the same, however, and there’s no direct plot connection between the two novels.

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