September 5, 2019

SCHEDULED FOR PUBLICATION — firmly scheduled with dates from Baen Books:

November 2019: Council of Fire, with Walter Hunt. This novel is set in a fantasy/alternate history North America in the mid-18th century. The passage of Halley’s comet in 1759 triggers a catastrophe that sunders the New World from the Old World, and unleashes magic in the New World.

March 2020: Castaway Resolution, with Ryk Spoor. This novel is the direct sequel to Castaway Odyssey.

May 2020: The Shaman of Karres, with Dave Freer. This novel is the sequel to The Sorceress of Karres.

1636: The Atlantic Encounter, with Walter Hunt



The Macedonian Hazard, with Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett. This is the sequel to The Alexander Inheritance.


ALSO UNDERWAY — manuscripts being written but not yet scheduled for publication:

1637: The Peacock Throne, with Griffin Barbar, This novel is the sequel to 1636: Mission to the Mughals.

1637: No Peace Beyond the Line, with Charles E. Gannon. This is the sequel to 1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies.

A Desperate and Despicable Dwarf. This is part of the Joe’s World series, and is the sequel to both Forward the Mage and The Philosophical Strangler. The manuscript is about two-thirds finished.

Cloak of Evil (working title; the final title will be different—stay tuned). This is the fourth novel I’ve co-authored with David Weber in his Honor Harrington universe. It is the sequel to Cauldron of Ghosts.


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794 Responses to Forthcoming

  1. Bob says:

    Can we please get an update on the various books in the series? Wikipedia says that 1637 Volga rule is coming out January 2017 is this true?

    • David says:

      I’m not Eric, but I’m fairly familiar with the schedule discussions. I think the odds are good that 1637 The Volga Rules will be published in 2017, but I doubt it will have the January slot. That will probably be filled by 16xx The Ottoman Onslaught, unless that gets really delayed for some reason.

    • Gabriel Xavier says:

      amazon says Jan 24 2017 release pre order

  2. Manny Hanuman says:

    My eyes are ok for driving and regular work, but reading puts such a strain on them that I’ve switched entirely over to Audiobooks except when I do voiceover work with the letters very large on a big screen going no faster than I can speak the words . When will Saxon Uprising finally be available? I am very accomplished at multiple voices and accents and would LOVE to audition a section of the book for you if you don’t already have someone contracted to do it.

    • rv says:

      Get a Kindle. You can adjust the size of the font from very small to very large.

    • David says:

      Eric has nothing to do with the scheduling of the audiobook productions. That’s all controlled by Baen, who contracts with Audible Audio. They’ve been filling in the 1632 novel back list, and they’re about caught up, so Saxon Uprising should show up before too long. But nobody’s announced it’s actually in the works, so I wouldn’t hold my breath yet if I were you.

  3. FredinBoise says:

    Baen needs to enlarge its print capacity or hire time from other printers.
    I need a good 1632 BOOK per quarter!

  4. Maris David Grinbergs says:

    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For continuing the Jao Saga!!!

    • David says:

      You’re welcome. The Span of Empire will be published in September 2016, which means the electronic advance reader copy (eARC) will probably come out in April. That’s only a couple of months if you’re really desperate to read it. :-)

      • Matt Baker says:

        Really enjoyed the Jao series, though my two favourite characters, Wrot and yaut seem destined to disappear – Yaut permanently…

        However Eric seems to have set himself up nicely for a sequel or two, and i do hope that happens. There’s still lots to be told, and avenues explored, so please let this universe continue.

        Thank you

  5. Claude Fountain says:

    Are there any further stories following the timeline of the prison “Time Spike” novel planned?

    • David says:

      Again, I’m not Eric, but I work fairly closely with him. At this point, Eric doesn’t appear to have any additional novels planned in the Timespike thread. However, he is allowing some of the Grantville Gazette writers to pursue stories in that timeline. Garret Vance in particular has some stories going, so you might check out the back issues of The Grantville Gazette.

      • cka2nd says:

        Yeah, Vance has been writing some really good stuff. I’d love to see his novel (novella?) about the adventures of the cowboy, the conquistador and the pre-Columbian Indians in Dinosaur Land published by Ring of Fire Press in softcover.

  6. Matilda Lightfoot says:

    Hi, I love eric’s books and i just want him to write faster. Has anyone had a problem acessing their baen account. I tried everything customer service suggested and it still wont let me login. Thank you eric for writing such good books.

  7. Corey Adams says:

    Is the Rivers of War series being abandoned?

  8. Max G says:

    It’s been a long time since we heard about the Trail of Glory Trail of Glory/Rivers of War series. Any plans to continue this? Don’t pull a George Martin on us!

  9. Peter Martin says:

    I’m dying to see the sequel to The Kremlin Games.

    I’ve read it four times and each time the frustration of what happens next is driving me crazy.

    Please get it out SOOOOOOOOOOOOOON

    • James A. Turner says:

      I was really looking forward to Kremlin Games, but wound up pissed off instead. I’d followed Butterflies in the Kremlin, and suddenly the whole storyline took a hard left!

      It’s the only book in the 1632verse I’d really want my money back on!

      James A (Jim) Turner
      SSgt USMC(ret)

      • cka2nd says:

        I wouldn’t say that I wanted my money back for Kremlin Games but there were definitely some changes from Butterflies that I was not at all happy about. Some were little bits of color that I had really enjoyed, like the football touchdown celebration dance by the downtime prince that appalled his uptime wife, but changing the identity of Bernie’s lover and the Dacha’s political officer, which reduced a particular downtime working class female to minor character (“girlfriend”) status, were huge changes in the story that seemed to violate Eric’s own admonition to use downtimers instead of relying on uptimers as much as possible. The fact that the uptime character in question also became a one-dimensional villain in the process (no smuggled out messages to Grantville for him) didn’t help.

        Butterflies in the Kremlin may be the only example I’ve seen in the 1632 Universe of a common enough problem with writers and artists: sometimes, the first draft or the first completed version really is just fine and should be allowed to stand on its own.

  10. Bob says:

    Will a kindle version of the Ring of Fire IV be put out soon?

    • Bjorn Hasseler says:

      If I understand a recent announcement from Baen correctly, the eb0ok should be out at the same time as the paper version, May 3. The monthly bundle can be ordered earlier, and the eARC is already out.

  11. Bob says:

    I looked on amazon and there wasn’t one there today.

  12. Mike says:

    Really looking forward to “Desperate and Despicable Dwarf.” Strangler was my first Flint book. Had almost given up hope that the next chapter of the series would get published.

  13. Brian Stewart says:

    Can someone please let us know when ‘The Alexander Inheritance’ is due to come out. It sounds very interesting (with apologies to Arte Johnson), so the sooner, the better.

  14. Mike Madore says:

    I’ve been reading snippets of “the next Time Spike”??? in the Grantville Gazette…only on #55 as of this writing. When will a complete novel be released? I’ve Google searched with no results.
    I really enjoyed Time Spike as I have all of Eric Flints books and would like to read more.
    Thank you,
    sorry if this has been addressed before my question.

    • David says:

      I think you’re reading the stories by Garrett Vance, and he hasn’t finished telling the main story yet. I suspect Ring of Fire Press will put out the complete unified version of it after he gets done writing it.

  15. David says:

    For those of you who listen to the audiobooks of the 1632 novels, Audible has just posted the audiobook of 1636: The Saxon Uprising. I think that was the last of the backlist novels that needed to be produced. I haven’t heard, either from Eric or from Baen, if they plan to do the anthologies as well. We’ll have to wait and see.

    • Bret Hooper says:

      When are you going to do a fixup of the Franz & Marla stories, (like Gorg & Paula have done with the Gribbleflotz stories, only better), with (I hope) some more material added? And later, a sequel to Devil’s Opera?

      Of the 150 or so coauthors of the RoF hypernovel, you and Virginia DeMarce and David Weber are my favorites. Keep up the excellent work!

      • David says:

        1635: Music and Murder collects most of the Franz and Marla stories in one volume. Ebook only right now, I’m afraid, but if Baen ever decides to do Print-On-Demand editions, it could come out that way. Currently available at Baen’s website and most ebook vendors.

        • Bret Hooper says:

          I finally got a kindle, and 35MM was the second item I ordered for it (the first was Gorg Huff’s The Slavery Attractor, because I wanted to minimize the monetary risk of the possibility I would somehow mess up and pay the $ but get nothing. Turned out my fears were groundless, so I went ahead and ordered 35MM)

          I have now read 35MM and loved it; however, I wish you had included 3 more Franz & Marla stories instead of the Byron & Gotthilf 3, and added enough more to those 3 to make a separate book to come out later.

          Question: Was Atwood Cochran modeled on Peter Schickele (minus the great sense of humor)?

          Even tho I had read them before, some of the F&M stories brought tears to my eyes. I would like to have found the story of Marla’s later, successful pregnancy, with perhaps references to some music you didn’t mentien, e.g.Serge Prokofiev’s Lieutenant Kija, Pietro Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana, Carl T. Fisher’s Reflections of an Indian Boy, and for the Green Horse, Tom Lehrer’s Irish Ballad.

          • David says:

            Sorry to be so long in responding, but real life has been very crazy since before Christmas.

            There are two additional books of music stories. Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press just released a book entitled The Muse of Music, which contains some solo stories and collaborative stories and solo articles by Enrico Toro and I, all dealing with music and musicians. Marla and Franz put in a couple of cameos in it.

            The second book is untitled at the moment, but it collects the Johann Bach stories in one volume, with a concluding story that wasn’t printed in the Gazette, plus a short novel involving a totally different character that I haven’t written about before. These are all music related as well. Marla is a major secondary character in the Bach stories and puts in a minor cameo in the short novel. That one’s not scheduled yet.

          • David says:

            And no, Atwood was not modeled on Peter Schickele. :-)

      • David says:

        Sequel to Devil’s Opera is not on the radar right now. There are so many 1632 books in the pipeline that it would be years before one could be published, even if I had it ready to go right now. I will more likely be working on the follow ups to Span of Empire.

  16. Gabriel Xavier says:

    I just notice 1635 the wars on the Rhine will be out on December 6 2016 is that right?

    • David says:

      Apparently. Eric has said the book was being prepared. Even though the Baen website schedule doesn’t show the December 2016 releases yet, Amazon is showing this as a December release. So I’d say it’s in the schedule.

  17. John Griffith says:

    Are there any plans for a third book in the Pyramid series? Leaving them stranded in Norse myth is kind of cold.

  18. Don says:

    Any chance for an update here? This last one is dated 10 months ago and about half of it is now irrelevant as the items in question have now been published.

  19. Barbara Garcia says:

    I have just finished reading my copy of Ring of Fire IV. I enjoyed it very much, but I do have a question. On the cover it lists that Mercedes Lackey was supposed to be one of the contributors, but I found no story listed as being by her in the book.

    Has anyone heard why?

  20. Matthew Gleave says:

    Can we have an update on the publication dates please?

    • David says:

      Eric is really jammed up with writing 1636: The Ottoman Onslaught, and will be probably for at least a couple months longer. He will probably update the schedule after that.

  21. dave o says:

    I’m surprised by the interest in the Russian thread and it’s successor . I thought the whole story was completely implausible. Muscovy was too primitive, too paranoid, too steeped in prejudice to introduce anything resembling a modern society. In my opinion this was the weakest novel of the series. Although it’s beginning to have some competition

  22. Now reading GG V with 11 novels and a few anthologies under my belt… I have feedback for Ms DeMarce (whose writing I generally enjoy): In “Pilgrimage of Grace” I am flooded with ~50 dramatis personae in the first 1000 words. While it is good that the author has command of all their relationships in her mind, it is an assault upon the gentle reader to dump the entirety of author’s awareness thereupon. Please coach Ms Demarce in the distinction between author awareness and necessary exposition.

    PS: Virginia I love your stories; please keep writing. I just want you to narrow your web of characters to those I need to load into my rusting memory cells.

    PPS: Please come to OryCon (a writers’ con) in Portland this autumn for a hug and productive conversation (David Weber will be here).

    • Eve says:

      Wow, that is awful. I am so sorry about the deaittasvon that you have gone through. It seems like these things bring out both the worst and the best in people. I hope that the latter outweighed the former.

    • Qualche leggera imprecisione? Se avessero trovato il modo di trasformare gli atomi con questa facilità avremmo a disposizione la tecnologia per creare i replicatori di materia di Star Trek… e prima dell'invenzione dei motori a curvatura!

  23. Matthew Gleave says:

    When can we expect the Alexander Inheritance to be published?

  24. Gabriel Xavier says:

    David , can you give us an update on Admiral Simpson in the Med

    • David says:

      First draft not completed. Actually, now that I think about it, Chuck Gannon’s writing schedule is almost as insane as Eric’s, so I’m not sure the first draft has even been started yet.

  25. hank says:

    “…Happy birthday dear Forthcoming page…”
    Ok, so I’m a day early, so sue me.
    Update please?

  26. Gabriel Xavier says:

    David I do not know if it is a mistake it seems Amazon is advertising 1636 Mission to the Mughal for 4-4-17 ?

  27. Herbert Sakalaucks says:

    1635 The French Riposte is wrapped and in for editing. Working now on the front cover.Should be out soon on ROF Press.

  28. Vipul says:

    Are you planning to write more books for Honor Harrington series?

  29. Alan Huff says:

    I know 1632 has an extremely large following, but unlike other popular fandoms, I’ve never noticed any fan art. The descriptions of people in the stories is quite good, but has anyone ever tried to portray them? I know the various covers feature certain characters, but is there a ‘gallery’ of portraits anywhere?

    Just curious. Looking forward to “The Ottoman Onslaught.” Is the next Caribbean novel in the works yet?

  30. How would the americans react should they hear that the Japanese are colonizing California, and what would happen if the delegations from Asia all arrived and how they would all react to the situation taking place?

    • cka2nd says:

      The uptime Americans seem to understand that they are limited in what they can do in the Americas. So far, uptimers are participating in the search for some resources (rubber) and the land grab for others (oil) centered around the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Stearns, Simpson and the rest of the uptimer leadership are also determined to stop the African slave trade, starting with the Dutch. The “blue water” navy that is on the drawing board is at least in part designed with that goal specifically in mind. On the other hand, they’ve made no efforts to interfere with the French and Danish schemes in North America or the North Atlantic, and acknowledged early on that they just do not have the resources to try to prevent the spread of Eurasian diseases to the American Indian populations. Interestingly, uptime knowledge of smallpox, etc., is spreading out from the settlements of New France, so hopefully the expected epidemics can be somewhat controlled.

      The Japanese settlements around San Francisco Bay probably have a hell of a lot more to worry about from the Spanish than the USE or the uptime Americans, whatever the feelings of the uptimers, individually or collectively. I don’t remember reading anything that has established an immediate USE interest in the American West Coast, while the Spanish already consider it theirs.

      I can’t wait for the various Japanese and Mughal visitors, envoys and emigres to arrive in Grantville, Magdeburg and, at least from India, Copenhagen. I can’t remember if official representatives of either China or Japan are supposed to be on their way; the Ming Dynasty is on its last legs and may not be capable of responding to the Ring of Fire as aggressively as Russia or the Ottomans, let alone France or Sweden, but the Shogunate seems to be on the ball. I do hope the Mughal civil war that Eric is writing about doesn’t keep the Taj Mahal from being built; that would be a worse tragedy than Issac Newton and Johan Sebastian Bach not being born due to the Butterfly Effect.

  31. DAVID COSTELLO says:

    Will there be an eARC release for 1635 Wars on the Rhine?

  32. Kipp jameson says:

    Any idea when we shall see a next in line of the British line or Carib?

  33. Amy says:

    When will “The Anaconda Project” be complete? There have only been about ten entries available on GG.

    • cka2nd says:

      I believe Eric discontinued it and has instead been incorporating parts of it into the mainline series, in particular the Polish storylines in 1635: The Eastern Front and 1636: The Saxon Uprising.

      • David says:

        No, Eric put it on hold because it was getting way ahead of the main story line. With Ottoman Onslaught done and turned in, he’s getting close to where he can put it back on the radarscope.

  34. Joe says:

    Hi, will the eARC of The Ottoman Onslaught be on sale soon?

  35. Folz says:

    Dear Mr. Flint,

    I am big fan of the universe you createt. It gives me a new perspective about the past of my country. In school I learned about 30 years war, but only the 1632 series gives me a feeling how it must have been living in the chaos of middle europe. I came form “Mutterstadt” which lies in the “Pfalz” (in your created Rhine Province). I startet digging in the history of my hometown and learned, that in 30 years war it was completly depopulated (first came the spanish (1621), then Tilly (1622), then the swedish (1631), then again the imperial army (1634), then the french (1635). 1637 came the Pest. Then the french returned (1639). It was repopulated by refugees from Mutterstadt which returned and from people of all kinds of places (Holland, France, Italy and the german states.)

    So hopefully the appearance of Grantville saves my Hometown of big chunk of misery :)

    By the way -> an update of the “Forthcoming” would be nice

    Greetings from Germany

  36. cka2nd says:

    I don’t think this has been mentioned here before but a biography of one of the important supporting characters in the Ring of Fire series was published by Harvard University Press in 2013, “The Iron Princess: Amalia Elisabeth and the Thirty Years War” by Tryntje Helfferich. In response to one of the user reviews on Amazon, I added a comment recommending the 1632 series to folks interested in the Landgravine of Hesse-Kassel, among many other topics of history. Lord knows when I’ll be able to get a copy of the book, but it sounds every bit as interesting as any fan of the series would expect having read about her since her first appearance in Eric and David Weber’s “1633.”

  37. Tweeky says:

    Is Eric going to update the list soon? At the very least he needs to remove the books on it that have been subsequently published since the list was last updated.

  38. bob says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing if the USE sends agents to South America after all the last Incan Emperor was only deposed 60 years before so it might be possible to start up a rebellion or two in South America. Or the other foreign colonies that might be stirred up without a huge amount of support.

  39. Mike Times says:

    Over the last year I have acquired and read every paperback or hard bound book in the Ring of Fire series including Ring of Fire Vol 1-4 and Grantville Gazette Vol I-VII. I have since moved onto the Baen Ebooks of the Gazette through Vol 16.
    With these books I find there are many books and chapters I like to re-read. So I have catalogued them in an Excel spreadsheet.
    Now my question is, has anyone developed a flow chart listing the books, ebook chapters by story line? If not story line then by character? I guess characters can be followed by author but I would really like to be able to easily find my favorite characters as they advance through the time line.

    • David says:

      There’ve been a couple of attempts at a story timeline document. You might check to see if they’re still around. But an actual flow chart? No, not that I’m aware of.

  40. Gabriel Xavier says:

    I ordered The Alexander Inheritance on Amazon for pre release sale for 7-4-17 I really hope its not a error like 1637 The Volga rules which still says 2-7-17 release date the good thing about TAI is it shows a cover

  41. Arthur says:

    Happy new year Eric
    What’s a rough time frame for the next heirs of Alexandria book 5 release?

  42. Folz says:

    So, 1636: The Ottoman Onslaught is available. That means only

    1636: The Mughal Mission and 1637: The Volga Rules

    are left. And then ?

  43. bob says:

    Look on Wikipedia. It says that there are three other 1632 books coming. 1636: The Vatican Sanction, 1636: The Atlantic Encounter, and 1636: Stoned Souls are all listed as future books.

    • David says:

      Vatican Sanction may be in progress now–last I heard, Chuck Gannon was setting up to begin the first draft.

      Atlantic Encounter – first draft has been completed, waiting on Eric to decide what changes need to be made in the second draft.

      Stoned Souls – this collaboration between Mercedes Lackey and Eric was proposed a long time ago. I haven’t seen any recent movement that it’s going to happen. At this point, possible but I’m not betting on it.

    • David says:

      Mission to the Mughals is scheduled for April 2017.

      Volga Rules doesn’t appear to be on Baen’s 2017 schedule at all, so that’s probably going to be a 2018 release.

      • Thane says:

        That’s very disappointing. Amazon had listed it as releasing February 7 until this past week. I just re-read the Kremlin Games to get ready for it too. :-(

        I really liked Ottoman Onslaught, though!

  44. Amy says:

    I just noticed this: “The Alexander Inheritance” is listed on Amazon to come out on the Fourth of July, and already has the cover art and description ready. But “1637: The Volga Rules” is slated to come out next month, and it doesn’t even have a picture of the cover yet? Is Amazon wrong about the date for the latter, or did someone drop the ball?

    • Drak Bibliophile says:

      Amazon is mistaken about Volga Rules.

    • David says:

      Garrett seems to be mostly focused on his stories in the Timespike milieu right now. I haven’t heard that he has a sequel to Second Chance Bird in the works.

      I believe I’ve heard that Iver is considering a sequel to the Japanese thread out of Seas of Fortune, but I haven’t heard that he’s started it yet.

  45. bob says:

    Are we ever going to get a sequel to the Second Chance Bird or to 1636 Seas of Fortune?

    • David says:

      Garrett seems to be mostly focused on his stories in the Timespike milieu right now. I haven’t heard that he has a sequel to Second Chance Bird in the works.

      I believe I’ve heard that Iver is considering a sequel to the Japanese thread out of Seas of Fortune, but I haven’t heard that he’s started it yet.

    • Iver says:

      I wrote a detailed outline for a sequel to 1636: Seas of Fortune (actually two, one focusing on the New World and the other on Japan) but haven’t done much actual writing yet, and there’s no contract yet, either. I did write a short story about the Japanese Christians that came to Spain a couple of decades earlier for the Gazette, and how they are affected by the events mentioned in Seas of Fortune, and that will be coming out sometime in 2017.

      • bob says:

        I thought that both 1636: Seas of Fortune and 2nd Chance Bird were much better written and far more interesting than the more recent Wars of the Rhine.

  46. cka2nd says:

    Any news on the Trails of Glory/Rivers of War/Arkansas series?

    If I ever meet Eric again, I’d like to ask him how this series might be related to or influenced by the Socialist Workers Party, George Brietman and black nationalism.

  47. Folz says:


    “The Ottoman Onslaught” endet with an gigantic cliffhanger. When can we expect a sequel to this story arc ?

    Greetings from Germany

  48. Jens says:

    I’m wondering whether there are more Pyramid novels planned?
    A word on this would be highly appreciated! :-)

  49. bob says:

    If 1636: The Mandate of Heaven and 1637: The Volga Rules are done could they possibly be put up as ebooks and then “published” by baen later?

  50. Dave Russell says:

    I am wondering about the sequel to Commander Cantrell in the West Indies. Is it underway, scheduled or at least a glimmer in someone’s eye?

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