(last updated on 27 January 2019)

June 2018: Grantville Gazette VIII.

August 2018: Worlds 2. This is the second collection of my short fiction.

December 2018: All the Plagues of Hell, with Dave Freer. This is the next volume in the Heirs of Alexandria series, which began with Shadow of the Lion and continued on with A Mankind Witch (by Dave Freer alone), This Rough Magic, Much Fall of Blood and the recently published Burdens of the Dead. This book is set in Italy and continues the story of Benito, Maria, Marco and Kat. Prince Manfred, Erik Hakkonsen and Princess Bortai also appear toward the end of the novel.

SCHEDULED FOR PUBLICATION — firmly scheduled with dates from Baen Books:

April 2019: 1637: The Polish Maelstrom. This is a working title and will not be the title under which the novel is actually published. It’s the direct sequel to 1636: The Ottoman Onslaught and was formerly titled 1636: The Anaconda Project. It is tentatively scheduled for publication sometime in the spring of 2019.

September 2019: 1636: The China Venture, with Iver Cooper. This novel centers on China in the last days of the Ming dynasty.

November 2019: The Sundering, with Walter Hunt. This novel is set in a fantasy/alternate history North America in the mid-18th century. The passage of Halley’s comet in 1759 triggers a catastrophe that sunders the New World from the Old World, and unleashes magic in the New World.


Castaway Resolution, with Ryk Spoor. This novel is the direct sequel to Castaway Odyssey.

The Macedonian Hazard, with Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett. This is the sequel to The Alexander Inheritance.

ALSO UNDERWAY — manuscripts being written but not yet scheduled for publication:

1636: The Atlantic Encounter, with Walter Hunt. (Formerly known as 1636: Drums Along the Mohawk.) The first draft of this novel is finished. I decided to hold it back, however, partly because it needs some more work and would fit better in the chronology if it was published later.

1637: No Peace Beyond the Line, with Charles E. Gannon. This is the sequel to 1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies.

A Desperate and Despicable Dwarf. This is part of the Joe’s World series, and is the sequel to both Forward the Mage and The Philosophical Strangler. The manuscript is about two-thirds finished.

Tangle of Tales (working title; the final title will be different—stay tuned). This is the fourth novel I’ve co-authored with David Weber in his Honor Harrington universe. It is the sequel to Cauldron of Ghosts.


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755 Responses to Forthcoming

  1. Art says:

    …coming. Have a great weekend.

  2. john braddock says:

    I’d like to start off with a sincere thank you for writing the ring of fire series novels. Ever since i got hooked on scifi via trading paperbacks in vietnam i’ve read, well lots, a good many but none has absolutly hands down pulled out a can of whup ass on all the others as 1632 and the rest that has followed. Even the romantic pairings of the characters are just superb ( and i don’t care so much for romance in my books), so much so that, and i’m really and i mean really hoping that i’m wanting to read more of bernie and natasha, mike and rebecca, eddie and anne cathrine, darrell and victoria, tom and rita, and all the rest but especially bernie and eddie, i’ll admit i did have a dodge and had eddies troubles with women before anne cathrine until i was in the military at that age too. so if you get a writers block please fill in with i’m pretty sure with all the jumping thru the window a few more loosened wedding gowns. eddies wedding you could even bring together a whole passel of the characters. anyway sorry for the shamless nagravatting for more stories and really, thank you for hours of pure pleasureable reading.

  3. Michael says:

    Thank you for your whole series, it is currently the only serious alt-history I read, and my favorite reading consists of waiting for each and every one of your books to come out. I hope it won’t be long before I’ll be reading another great book.

  4. Gerald Aurand says:

    It seem like I’ve been anticipating the Carrico novel forever! I hope that it will be published soonest. I have loved all of David’s stories in the GG and look forward to his characters and themes being given a novel length treatment.

  5. Herb Sakalaucks says:

    Amazon now has 1636 The Devil’s Opera announced for release October 1, 2013. Also, the long awaited first North American novel is inching closer! 1634: Iron and Ice rough draft is in to Eric for comments. This will be published as an ebook only. Details are still being ironed out. This takes the stories published in the Gazette as Northwest Passage on the Danes and the Dutch and expands almost three fold on the events.

    • Gabriel Xavier says:

      please put it on paper Herb

    • Timothy Kirby says:

      Please, PLEASE, P L E A S E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
      Don’t make it only E-Book. There is nothing more aggravating than having it in E-book only format. I don’t like E-Books. I don’t want to have to use a kindle or an I-pad or any other electronic device to read a book. I Love to read a real book with a cover and printed words in ink! Please don’t do this to those of us who are avid fans of your series. Please don’t do it in E-book format only. Print it for us please. It’s one of the biggest gripes I have about the Star Wars series. They have a few E-books and I will never read them or have them in print to read them. Please don’t do this to us who are avid readers and followers of the 1632 series.

      • Herb Sakalaucks says:

        I will check with Eric to see if any of the sites that will be handling it have a print on demand option. With the backlog of stories under contract already, Iron and Ice would have been at least three years out and followed Walter Hunts New World book that is set in 1636. As the most ‘junior’ writer for the series, and a first time book on top of that, I get to be the guinea pig to see if ebooks will work for the series. At least this way, all the great tidbits on the New World settlement will get told and there might be paper versions of future tales.

        • Timothy Kirby says:

          But I and very many like me can’t stand reading an electronic gadget (I’m doing my best just to get on this computer), let alone read a story on it. I’m not saying don’t make ebooks, I’m just pushing the cause for both at the same time, so that those who want it in book form can have it in book form and those who don’t can have it in ebook. Not an exclusivity of one or the other.

      • Shannon says:

        The Star Wars series does a lot of time bring out paper copies of the novellas and such later, so I’m hoping the e-books make it there too. And that they keep coming with all the upheaval with all things Lucas and Star Wars

      • Nevil Basnett says:

        I wholeheartedly agree with Timothy Kirkby. E-books are trashy expensive gimmicks for the geeks with more money than sense. A real paper book, more especially in it’s hard-back format, is a thing of sheer beauty to treasured for a lifetime on one’s bookshelf after reading. An E-book leaning on it’s side is just a piece of soulless, black, white or whatever colour plastic resin and circuitry with no memorable appeal whatsover. By all means let the geeks and nerds have an e-book format if you must but as a minor side-line, but give us die-hard “traditionalists” of the true-written word, the hard-backed paper format of the 1632 series, as Guttenberg intended, so that we can continue to remain loyal avid readers of this never ending saga! Afterall in Grantville they are a long way from ever inventing let alone using e-book technology, so in the true spirit of all things old-fashioned, it is only fair that the hard-back book continues to take pride of place in this 21st century corner of the 1632-Universe. Failure to include us in all future titles might mean we have to seek an audience with Gustavus Adolphus himself or his legal consuls and ask him to retake Grantville from those electro-geeks who seek to deny us of our basic human right to further enjoyment of such titles from the stables of Mr Flint et al.

        • Richard Manning says:

          Have to disagree on the geeks/gimmicks. While the expense part may be true, most of us now use a “smart phone” that will run some version of an ebook reader. That is where 75% of my e-books end up. It is great to be able to have something to read anywhere I go while waiting for what ever reason. And I admit that I read them on my home computer as well. While I have always enjoyed a paperback, the sheer volume of books that I have ended up with is nothing short of ridiculous. I have taken loads down to the used book stores, (when I can find such creatures) and I still have somewhere around 300-400 paperbacks stored through out my home and attics. Now I can read to my hearts content, and don’t fill up my house with more books.
          To each their own, but lets not insult anyone’s choice. Plus, while I don’t know for a fact, I would hope that the author would get a bigger “cut” when an ebook is sold in comparison to a paper type.
          And, I am about as far from a “Geek” as you can get.

      • Gerald Ottenbreit Jr says:

        Like you I prefer an actual book. Fortunately, the Baen books website offers the e-books in rtf format, so I can print them out and bind them myself.

    • Nevil Basnett says:

      Re: “1634: Iron and Ice” the first N. American thread for Eric MUST COME OUT IN HARDBACK!!!!

      • Herb Sakalaucks says:

        The book is finished and the cover art is in the works. Title is still subject to change, since there may be a sequel to it. Eric is listening and there is a good probability that a Print on Demand may be offered.

        • Timothy Kirby says:

          Print on demand is what? I keep hearing it on this site, but don’t understand what is meant. Does it mean that we have to push a button, pay a price and we don’t get a real book, but a magazine like copy? What does print on demand mean? If this is what it means then I’m very disappointed! I don’t use my phone or an Ipad or kindle (which I think it should be “Kindling” instead, good only for a fire starter). I only read books. Paperback or preferably hardback books. And there are a lot more people out there who won’t go online and tell you this, yet they will never use an electronic device to read a book. But still, what is meant by a “on demand”?

          • Nathan Hampton says:

            Print on demand is a method of producing books on an as-needed basis, rather than the traditional method of printing up thousands of copies and storing them in a warehouse. They are not “magazine like”, but closer to trade paperbacks. You may even have purchased one without knowing it, since many are made by a distributor or publisher and shipped to your bookstore like any other book. In addition, POD machines like the Espresso Book Machine are slowly becoming more common in local bookstores, which means that you can, in some cases, go in and they can make the book for you while you wait.

  6. Sue Skillicorn says:

    I really want to know what happens to Gustavus Adolphus, Christina and Ulrik. The last I read, Gustavus Adolphus was in a coma, his rather unsympathetic old-time chancellor was taking control, and Christine and Ulrik were heading for Magdeburg. I cannot believe you want to leave their stories hanging!

    • LurkerWithout says:

      1636: the Saxon Uprising finished up those dangling threads among others. Came out in ’11, about 3 full length novels back…

      • Sue Skillicorn says:

        Thanks for that. I actually had the Saxon Uprising on my kindle, but I think I had decided to read (more or less) in chronological order, and somewhere on the line, did not realise that I had not read Saxon Uprising. So thanks for putting me straight, apologies and thanks to Eric – now back to the book!!!

  7. ricky says:

    seems like “1636: the devils opera” will be released in october 2013 and “1636: seas of fortune” in january 2014.
    strange that i can’t find anything about this here…

  8. Lee Bickley says:

    any update on “Cauldron of Ghosts”

  9. Lee Bickley says:

    any update on Cauldron of Ghosts

  10. Tweeky says:

    Eric, your forthcoming section really needs to be updated as it has been almost a year since the last update.

  11. Tweeky says:

    I just finished reading “The Heretic” a few days ago and i’m wondering when the sequel is coming out?

  12. Sam says:

    Any word on restarting “course of empire” series? Have been waiting ever so patiently.

    • sensei says:

      K.D. (Kathy) Wentworth died in April, 2012. apparently she left notes that EF says he’ll expand into the third book at some point.

      i don’t know if you already knew this.

      i, too, hope for a third book (or more). i liked “Course”, but i REALLY like “Crucible”.

      i continue to wait and hope. even with Kathy alive, it was 7 years between “Course” and “Crucible” – 2003 to 2010.

      • David Carrico says:

        Apparently the word hasn’t circulated here. The third Jao book, Span of Empire, is in progress, first draft being written by (ahem) me. About halfway through, I think.

        • cka2nd says:

          YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! Is a fourth book planned?

          Also, Mr. Carrico, I am re-reading all of your Marla Linder and Co. stories from the Gazette and I just want to say that I am loving them all over again. I dearly hope they will be collected into a Ring of Fire Press book someday soon.

          • If you haven’t already, you will find a lot about Marla, Franz, & friends in 36DO. She is active in chapters 6,8,11-13,18-19,22, 26-27,29-33,35-36,38-40,44-45,56,60,63-64,67-70,72-73; and is mentioned in chapters 16,25,41, and 58-59. If you care to enter “Marlena Linder” (it should, but doesn’t yet recognize the nickname Marla, and DON’T type in the quotation marks) in the search box on, you will find many more stories about Marla.

        • sensei says:

          mr. carrico: don’t know if you’ll get this in time, or even see it at all, but i hope the “span of empire” (jao3) expedition will have some Lleix along to serve as translators, and as further proof that the ‘alliance’ is inclusive. also, i just like the Lleix.

  13. Ed T. says:

    Ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety nine bottles of beer!
    Take one down, pass it around, ninety eight bottles of beer!
    Sheesh, how about an update of some kind?

  14. Herb Sakalaucks says:

    The first book on the events in the New World is coming soon.

    The final title is: ROF The Danish Scheme
    With a short epilogue by Eric: Brave New World.

    The cover art is posted in the Bar under 1632 Tech.

    Plans are for ebook and print on demand. Details are being completed and should be available soon.


    • Herb Sakalaucks says:

      The Danish Scheme should be up on Amazon around June 20th! Barnes & Noble and Baen soon after.

      • Jwalt says:

        You just sold me my first E book ever. ;)

        • Herb Sakalaucks says:

          Feedback would be appreciated. It’s my first novel.

          • Darhyl Kerr says:

            Why isn’t it available at Barnes & Noble or at Baen’s website????

          • Herb: I greatly enjoyed The Danish Scheme, and I hope to see a sequel. Could the Hamburg possibly have made it to Iceland or someplace else where they could get repairs, but not in time for the end of DS? (I notice the possibility appears to be open).

            Ring of Fire Press seems to have some problems with typos and proofreading, e.g. Hamburgwasn’t on page 149.

            I have some other feedback and questions, if you will be so kind as to email me at

            Thank you for your comments above, and thank you for your anticipated email.

      • Gabriel Xavier says:

        Herb Is there going sequel to the Danish Scheme I thought i read that there was one being written. If there is when will it be out

  15. Above is “Also under contract in the series are:
    1635: Symphony for the Devil, with David Carrico.”

    How come that has not been released yet, when what is obviously the sequel, 1636: The Devil’s Opera is already in snippets and scheduled to be released on 1-October?

  16. Timothy Kirby says:

    Was wondering on an update to the 163X Series. I know Symph. for the Devil is on the read section, but not published yet. What’s happening with other books. Forthcoming is a little out of date. Thanks.

    • Timothy Kirby says:

      Thanks for updating Forthcoming. Seeing the 2014 dates on a few of the books coming out and seeing that we have two or three that are coming out this year is a blast. Thanks again for updating the forthcoming on your site. And thanks again for giving me something that no other series from any other author has given me, and I’ve read a lot of alt. history series. Yours is the most interesting and congruent in continued timeline.

      • David Carrico says:

        Just to make sure it’s clear, Symphony for the Devil was the working title for what became The Devil’s Opera. Kinda had to change it when the book turned out without a symphony but plus an opera. :-)

  17. Timothy Kirby says:

    Oh, especially as deals with the new world and Russia.

  18. James Johnson says:

    Well, Wikipedia listing another collabration with Charles Gannon called 1636: the Vatican Sanction.

  19. ektus says:

    Is there going to be an update to this page? Half of the books announced are available already…

    Best Regards

  20. hank says:

    Our beloved forthcoming page is now one year old!
    all together now! “happy birthday to you…”
    I baked a virtual cake (Devil’s Food with fudge icing) for the occasion so everybody grab a slice!
    btw, for thos who haven’t noticed yet several more, in addition to “the Danish Scheme”, Grantville Gazette serials, and some of the fact articles, are coming out from Ring of Fire press. In ebook *or* ppb. Check on amazon for details. Enjoy

  21. Alison Warren says:

    Hey Guys, my first comment.
    Love the 1632 series but Im trying to trace any audio-books beyond 1635: Cannon Law, here in the UK.. Its ok for e-books and physical books but for anyone who needs to have an audio book its a real pain…..

    Any advice would be greatfully recieved

  22. Margo says:

    Is there a sequel to the “Pyramid” books with Dave Freer? I feel there should have been at least a 3rd book – maybe a Celtic/Druid cycle? After all the Krim did get away! And also the Karres series? And the next in “The Heirs of Alexandria”?

  23. Tweeky says:

    Margo, apparently Dave Freer is working on a sequel to “Pyramid Power” but I don’t know what mythworld(s) it’s set in, the Celtic/Druid stuff is a good idea although another alternative would be the Sumerian/Babylonian mythverse too.

    It’s is now August 2013 and it has been over a year since the forth coming page was updated so it’s now overdue for an update.

  24. Gabriel Xavier says:

    I may have miss something along the way, i was just wanted 2 no if there been any naval or marines full leaths with commander Cantrell or admiral Simpson comming out any time soon

  25. anu says:

    been waiting for the 3rd book in joe’s world series for a long time. How about some action on the shelyid front as well.

  26. Nevil Basnett says:

    I was somewhat angered and sick-to-death to find that yet another 1632-ville book (not written by Eric) has made its way to Amazon without there being any sort of mention on Eric’s website. How are we supposed to know when these titles are being released and by whom. I only stumbled upon it by accident because my Amazon page knows I’ve purchased previous 1632-ville titles before. God only knows how many others have slipped through the net un-noticed (two that I know of … that I’ve subsequently pre-ordered). The latest, a “Ring Of Fire” titled book called “The Danish Scheme” by Herb Sakalaucks with an epilogue by Eric entitled, “Brave New World” has just hit their cyber-stalls in the UK. Can we not in future have a “heads-up” on known or potential title releases of future 1632-ville books when Eric and/or his previous co-authors aren’t the writers of this on-going series. Surely a better “forthcoming” page can be put on Eric’s site to forewarn us to prevent us missing them !!!!!

    • Herb Sakalaucks says:

      Just announced over on Baen’s Bar 1632 Tech site is that an audio version of ‘The Danish Scheme’ is in preproduction and will be coming out soon.

      It was mentioned here back in June that ‘The Danish Scheme’ was coming out soon. From final draft to publication was just over a week for it. Rick Boatright deserves a BIG pat on the back for the super work he’s done in getting ROF Press books up and available on Amazon.

    • Escape Zeppelin says:

      I didn’t even know that there were other books until I saw someone’s comment about them a couple of days ago. I love the series but it’s kind of weird that you don’t see them mentioned anywhere on this site or especially on the Grantville Gazette site. I wonder if it’s a legal thing with Baen?

    • David Carrico says:

      Ring of Fire Press is a new operation put into motion by Eric after getting Baen’s approval. It will publish books gleaned from Grantville Gazette that Baen doesn’t desire to publish. They’ve also started a program called Grantville Singles where individual stories will be made available as e-publications, but that’s mostly a lead-in to the new line of audio-books being produced from those stories.

      Ring of Fire and Grantville Singles are supposed to be available on Baen’s website and Amazon. The audio-books, I’m not sure of yet, but they haven’t finished the first one, so we’ve got time to find out.

      There is a 1632 page on Facebook where you can get more up to date information on these projects. It’s all being managed by Rick Boatright, and Eric has very little to do with it after handing it to Rick, which probably is why you’re not seeing much about it on this website.

  27. Timothy Kirby says:

    Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not calling for hardbound only. But I am calling for both at the same time: Hardbound and E-books. Not exclusively e-books or exclusively hard-bounds. I believe if you are going to release a book in hardbound format, it should also be released in e-book for those who prefer it that way. But at the same time, if you are going to release one in e-book format, it should simultaneously be in hardback for those of us who will never download a book. Also, all books that are released should be listed on this site, whether given to Rick or not. One thing I truly like about the star wars books is that, in the front of almost every volume, they have a continuing time-line that makes sure you know where each book fits into the scheme of the overall series. So it is hard to miss any books that have come out and also hard to not know where they belong.

  28. Timothy Kirby says:

    There is a need to drop the info about the books before 1636: The Devil’s Opera, with David Carrico and this book as yet to come out and redo the timeline of when the future books will be coming out. In other words there is a need to update the “Forthcoming” page and it’s forthcoming books, ect..

  29. Herb Sakalaucks says:

    The following was posted by Virginia De Marce on the Snerkers site.
    Hope this keeps folks satisfied until a formal update on Forthcoming is posted.

    As was true last year, the important upcoming development is the Ottoman attack on Vienna. It will be happening pretty soon.

    In January, Iver Cooper, Seas of Fortune

    In June, 1635: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies
    First of two in the Caribbean; pick up Eddie and Anne Cathrine in Denmark, sent with a small flotilla by Simpson

    Herb Sakalaucks, e-novel, The Danish Game

    [NOTE BY VED: Eric never got to the point of listing the remainder of the upcoming 2014 books.]

    Walter Hunt, North America draft [NOTE BY VED: Mentioned early, but the discussion jumped around and never got back to it.]


    Where is the series as a whole? Rate of chronological progress through the 1630s slowing as the effects get wider. Some dissatisfied fans complain about having to read “side stories.”

    Impact of the RoF spreading into the whole world 1635-1636;
    Impact not so much technological as the encyclopedia articles, history books, reading the historical accounts; various factions looking at history and trying to deal with prevention, acceleration, etc.

    Eric and Iver Cooper are working on a novel dealing with China. Are going to move the Manchu conquest timetable up to 1636; pirate warlord will carve out his own empire.

    Simultaneously, Eric is working with Griffin Barber, What’s happening in Mughal India, centered at the court. Shah Jahan’s daughter, Jahanar Begum. Upcoming issue of Aranzeb, religious bigot smart, capable, and obnoxious. Aranzeb not internally a religious bigot; uses the intolerance around him, age 16, too young to realize that he’s riding a tiger. Shah Jahan is assassinated, dies way early. Mughal empire is in a civil war in 1636.
    Our heroes and heroines are a different faction of the royal family. Continue tolerance of the Hindus; plus made-up adventures. Shah Jahan’s oldest son Darashiko? Finally gets a field command.
    USE mission arrives in the middle of this, medical and tac-rail guys. Trade mission rather than a diplomatic mission.
    First battle between the Sikhs and the Mughals. Sixth guru.

    Eric’s next solo novel; story from end of Saxon Uprising, Mike Stearns sent to the Oberpfalz to put paid to Maximilian of Bavaria. First parts involve war in Bavaria; also what Gretchen ends up doing in Saxony; in the middle of this, the Turks attack Austria (not a surprise; takes months to march a huge army through the Balkans). Lots of spies. Gustav’s original assessment is that the Austrians will be able to hold them off successfully, at least for quite a while, because that’s what happened OTL. The two who aren’t are Mike Stearns and Janos Drugeth, both of whom think that everyone’s underestimating the Turks. Mike really thinks that they should make a settlement with Maximilian; that would be good enough (abdication, replaced by Albrecht). Gustav doesn’t agree. When the Turks hit Austria, they do capture Vienna quickly; nobody expects it. Tacit agreements with Spain and Poland to stay out of it or sort of back the Turks, not formal agreements. Poland ties up most of the USE army; they’re being stubborn with a Turkish payoff. The capture of Vienna will be the key new development, tying up most of the USE army, so all other adventures go on a shoestring.

    To go with this, a book Eric is writing with Paula Goodlett and Gorg Huff in regard to Austria. 1st, Vienna Waltz; then will show most of the Ottoman conquest from the pov of people who were in Vienna when the Turks arrived. Hasn’t decided what to do with the specific characters such as Eddie, Noelle, Denise.

    Then there will be a second book involving Austria/Ottomans (no specific information provided).

    Finally about to go back to France.
    One book with Walter Hunt. 1636: Richelieu gets overthrown and killed. Louis XIII also killed; but not before Louis XIV is born (Mazarin as pere). Turenne, stationed in southern France dealing with the Spanish, declares for the baby & Anne of Austria. Civil war erupts in France. The Spanish support Gaston with troops and money. Bernhard and Rohan come in to support Turenne.

    The second France book, Eric Flint with with Walt Boyes and Rick Boatright. Didn’t get around to summarizing it.

    Also, an upcoming book, Eric Flint with Chuck Gannon, 1636: The Vatican Sanction. Urban II dies by the guy who can’t shoot straight, but not before he pulls together a consistory as a mini-Vatican II. Vitelleschi has already been deeply wounded by the guys who can shoot straight out of action for an extended period. The consistory takes place in Besancon (e.g. Bernhard of Saxe-Weimar); reminder from Chuck that in the 1630s, infallibility lies with a papally convened council. Results in an incredibly deep divide within Catholicism; Spain, Poland, Bavaria go for Borja in Rome, deep divide within Austria. The new pope will be Cardinal Bedmar. Possession as nine points of the law Bedmar has the legitimate cardinals but Borja has the Vatican.

    Paula Goodlett the Gazette is now open to stories fomenting unrest in Italy. Just unrest, not successful rebellion.

    Gorg Huff 1636 would probably also work for a major financial crisis in the USE.
    Eric throws up his hands, Why not?
    Chuck or an incredible roller coaster; loss of the flota and what it does to the Spaniards

    Mike Spehar what about Venice?
    Chuck also naval innovations.
    Eric The Ottomans are really going to surprise everybody; willing to take risks; some of their war machines are really dangerous as hell; they don’t care.
    Did Eric say the Turks would have submarines? Some members of the audience say he did, but I didn’t hear it.
    Very short range; probably ambush predators.
    Admiral Simpson is going to come into the Mediterranean and he will be surprised.
    Question from Alastar won’t you want to use expertise from Malta?
    Chuck yes, especially after Venice gets a hiding.

    Eric: Chuck Gannon will be taking up the naval series that it was originally planned for Eric to write with David Weber. They will be looking at the “doctrinal protocols” of how to use these ships in the Mediterranean they don’t want Simpson there in summer, but at the mouth of the choppy Adriatic in the autumn. Play to USE overconfidence.
    Eric Murad “even if the Mad” was a young, capable, sultan.
    Question from the floor in regard to the ironclads.
    Eric Disposal of the ironclads (the ones still existing will make the Baltic a true Swedish lake).
    Chuck: The next generation of warships in the book Chuck is writing is the cruiser boat (equivalent to the modern frigate). A somewhat scaled down version of the USS Hartford of Civil War fame; Farragut’s ship; 8-inch guns. Extensive description of naval architecture. Don’t have many of them, and the first ones are going out with Eddie to the New World (reconaissance in force that will eventually lead to oil development; also shakedown). The second is closer to the Kersage class. Looking at the efficiency of the scheme; using down-time materials. Protection of key elements.

    Question from floor in regard to putting manganese in iron for ship armor. Chuck’s answer: they could have done a lot of neat stuff if they had more time, but they don’t if they want to get the ships into production.
    Rick so much more demand for iron at least ten times than the highest possible projected production by 1636. Chuck it’s allotment will involve social and political engineering as well as naval engineering. Simpson won’t be getting everything he asks for and needs.
    Paula: Jack Carroll needs to know when he can have chromium?
    Rick: Jack Carroll wants grams; he can have them pretty soon. He can have them from the first Kymi expedition ten pounds of ore. But it’s the hardest rock in Europe. Finland. Won’t have tons for a long time. Best deposits are outside of Baltimore, and are soft sulphites, but you have to be outside of Baltimore to get them.

    Chuck unintended and unexpected effects of Tromp’s assistance. At the end of the first Caribbean novel (Commander Cantrell), there’s a kind of stand-off situation. The Spanish realize that the USE steamships are still highly dependent on sail-powered logistic tail; Spanish have taken more hull loses, the USE has lost the strategic initiative. Tromp relocates out of Recife, which is not viable, to St. Eustacia. Comes along and offers the USE fleet his support in exchange for supplies from the incoming Spanish flota (agricultural tools and such, which brought as ballast on the outgoing voyage and then traded to the settlers in the Spanish colonies).

    March/early April 1636 that strike goes down, which means that there will be no flota coming home to Spain that autumn). Hence the Spanish need for Ottoman money. Walter: Open door for the viceroys; Spanish influence in France also affected by that.

    Eric still chewing on the Catalan revolt. The key thing is that Ruy is Catalan and Sharon along with him. Haven’t figured that out yet. One other factor, knows he wants but haven’t figured out yet, one thing that’s going to happen in the Netherlands that a lot of very-unhappy hard-ass Calvinists; they’re going to end up in the New World. Exactly where, doesn’t know yet.

    Walter points out that 20,000 Dutch Calvinists would go very nicely into the empty parts of New England. They had a very easy relationship with slavery, whereas their USE allies do not. Makes a problem with sending them to the Caribbean.

    Jack Carroll any thought to strategic trade with the Spanish and Portuguese colonies in South America. Chuck and Walter point out that the raw materials aren’t being extracted yet.

    Rick: back to the grams, pounds, or tons issue.

    NOTE: The panel ran out of time, with questions still coming thick and fast.

    NOTE: No mention of what’s coming in England/Scotland.

    NOTE: No mention of Wars on the Rhine, though at lunch on Friday, Eric said that it’s now actually in the publication schedule.

  30. Iver Cooper says:


    I am sorry, but I don’t think it is proper to post Virginia’s summary of the Snerkers panel here, for several reasons:

    1) it is too easy for someone to read it inadvertently and thus have a surprise spoiled

    2) traditionally, listening to Eric “snerk the plots” is a “perk” of attending the 1632 Minicon. It’s bad enough that it is now more generally available on the Baen Bar, but at least that’s a membership restricted site and you have to make the effort of going to the Snerkers conference and looking at that thread. This is a public site and the public search engines are going to pick up the text since there’s no robots.txt to block them.

    May I request that you delete the post?

    • Herb Sakalaucks says:

      I have no access that I know of to delete. The moderator decided to allow this to appear. It’s been 18 months since this site was updated and this at least gives fans who don’t know about the Baen site some of the info they’ve been asking for.

  31. vikingted says:

    I can not wait for the next 1636 book to come out. I demand it to be published NOW! ; }

    Seriously though, what is next release and roughly when is Baen Books going to let it out of their stable?

    • Herb Sakalaucks says:

      Based on a posting in Amazon I saw yesterday , it may have come out as an ebook last Sunday. It’s Iver Cooper’s 1636 Seas of Fortune.

  32. Jeff Maddox says:

    When do we get a new Joe book?

  33. ricky says:

    1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies should be out on Jun 3, 2014. amazon says so! no mention of it here – on the official homepage of eric flint, subtitled news and announcements from eric flint. as a matter of fact this homepage is an insult to every eric flint fan. no homepage is definitely better than this!

    • kevin says:

      It’s the old problem, which would you rather happen, the author spending his time writing books or interacting with his readers, including updating his homepage? Eric spends his time as he sees fit. As a fellow heart bypass survivor, I’m just glad he’s still alive, writing and having a life beyond writing.

      • Nevil Basnett says:

        In that case shouldn’t Baen’s own website simply take over completely the “Forthcoming” page from this site and leave Eric & Co. do what they do best which is churning out future installments. Since they all come out off Baen stable doors anyway whether as solo or colaborative ventures, then it would make sense for a designated 1632-ville “forthcoming” page (that is completely separate from all the other series they publish) to go live a.s.a.p. so we never see another release go under the radar!

  34. Richard says:

    Lots of discussions about the 1632 series — but some of us (OK, maybe one of us) would like to know the status of sequels to Time Spike and 1824. Lots of open-endedness remaining in both of those.

  35. Celia says:

    When is English thread going to be address in the 1632 series? Julie Sims and family have been stranded over there since 1633 – 1634.

  36. Last updated 18-July-2012.

    When is the next update forthcoming?

  37. ricky says:

    if you aren’t into waiting for godot you better check out baen’s bar>> bar forums >> mutter of demons.
    not that eric flint would talk to (or inform) his readers there (regularly) – but lot’s of nice people from the 1632verse do.

  38. sam says:

    Any snippets for the jao series?

  39. Adam says:

    Just wondering when the website would be updated next? It has been about a 1.5 years since it was last updated.

    • Arthur says:

      Adam here, mention in a earlier Post;
      David Carrico says:
      September 20, 2013 at 9:34 PM

      Apparently the word hasn’t circulated here. The third Jao book, Span of Empire, is in progress, first draft being written by (ahem) me. About halfway through, I think.

      K. D. Wentworth who wrote the first two books with EF Past Away in 2012 but left some notes about the next book in the Empire series.

  40. Carlos Santana says:

    Wow finally partially updated!

  41. MunicMichael says:

    Thank you so much for gifting us the 1632 Universe. It is great (even though some authors seem to be really keen on religious topics, that is sometimes a little anoying. No secular uptimers sick of religious preaching? Really? Statistic would suggest otherwise. ;-) ).

    Today I saw that is down due to “This Account Has Been Suspended”. Is everything alright?

    I started buying editions of the Gazette (10-25) for my kindle on after I bought all paper books before…
    Sadly not all editions seem to have inventories and the editing is extremely poor. There seems to be quite a lot of content to be sold twice which makes me a little sad. It would be great if you would over more bundles (like the 11-16 bundle) on amazon and if the bundles would have significantly smaller lettering. Buying single issues is getting very expensive fast and reader willing to buy plenty of them surely would love to see a small discount.

    Kind Regards from Munich,


  42. What’s up to all, how is the whole thing,
    I think every one is getting more frim this web site, and your views are nice iin support of new people.

  43. Walter Manderson says:

    Just finished Granville Gazette #52 and can wait for the next one’s.

  44. hank says:

    Hurrah! An update to forthcoming!

    No Rivers of War books in the pipeline? Are we doomed t be left hanging in the Arkansas War?
    Besides, I’m just dying to see more of the Andy Jackson/JQ Adams conspiracy.

  45. dave o says:

    I recently read “the Danish scheme” by Herb Sackaluks. It’s not great. In fact it’s worse than that. I don’t know if he’s spent any time on Newfoundland, but it doesn’t seem likely. The idea that his characters can actually grow crops on the island is simply wrong. The soil is too poor and the growing season too short. Today, the only area where agriculture is possible is the Avalon Peninsula. Where they can grow potatoes, turnips and beets, and not much else, except hay.

    • Herb Sakalaucks says:

      Actually, the farming that would be done there is potatoes, cabbage, carrots, beets, turnips, hay, and possibly very limited grains, along with dairy production, and sheep. There would also be quite a bit of fishing production. As stated in the story, they are dependent on food from the continent, with sales of coal and iron to pay for the foodstuffs. In Hudson’s Bay,it’s even more difficult, with the settleres eventually having to drift southward, with only a trading group on the Bay.
      I am familiar with the regions and have done quite a bit of research to see just how far agriculture can be strained for these areas and still produce viable crops. The answer is not far. Dairy and sheep raising will stretch the food supply, with longer term problems from overgrazing.
      The long term story will be about the development of the natural resources there benefiting the people of the areas. You still need wool and leather for clothing and vegetables for stopping scurvy, but this will be a trade based economy, not an agricultural economy.

      • Gabriel Xavier says:

        Thanks for the info, I like the Danish Scheme the characters were interesting i read in 2 hours. I just wanted to Know if you were going to do a sequel hoping the Hamburg shows up somewhere thanks keeps up the good work

  46. Anthony Paglia says:

    Thanks on all the hard work!!!! AAlso an updated reading order would be helpful as all getout. Again thanks for all the great stories.

  47. David Hunt says:

    I am very interested on when we might see something on the folks left behind in England. It is not just the uptimers but you also have Oliver Cromwell still there. These folks and the CoC organizers working in Scotland should have a huge impact on what eventually happens in the main storyline.

  48. Walter Manderson says:

    When will the next Grantville Gazettes ebook out.

  49. Jacek Tyburski says:

    Hello, my name’s Jacek and I come from France although that doesn’t prevent me from absolutely loving this serie. This type of novels is exaclty my cup of tea, so much so that I sometimes rarely sleep since I can’t put the books down.
    However, there is a major issue that I’m having and it is this. I absolutely hate Virginia DeMarce and her writing. It is quite rare that I have such deep negative feelings towards an author. But I resent Virginia because she takes valuable space in the overall story and it is a complete waste. When I read books written by you (or most of the other co-authors) I can hardly put down the book, but with Virginia I can barely understand what she’s writing about and she makes me fall asleep. I say again I truly hate the way she writes. I couldn’t even bring myself to read the Dresson incident and The tangled web. I started the first one but I couldn’t possibly continue since I kept getting angry with the authors while falling asleep at the same time.
    The motion I would like to present is to please, please beg you to prevent her from writing any more novels in the 1632 series. Who had the bright idea of thinking she was talented?

    PS: I have nothing personal against Virginia DeMarce and if she wants to write, let her. Just make her stop writing this serie.

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