Eric Flint’s Bookstore

By Eric Flint, last updated on 23 January 2013

At any given time, I have some hardcopy books available for sale which I can sign and (if you desire) personalize for you. These are not e-books, they are good old-fashioned paper books. The current list of available titles can be found below.

IMPORTANT: WE WILL ABSORB THE COST OF SHIPPING A BOOK TO A U.S. ADDRESS VIA MEDIA MAIL. BUT ALL OTHER SHIPPING, EITHER TO A FOREIGN ADDRESS OR USING A FASTER FORM OF SHIPPING TO A U.S. ADDRESS, NEEDS TO BE PAID FOR ALONG WITH THE BOOK ITSELF.  For details about types, kinds, and quality of books, pricing, shipping, what you’d like in terms of personalization, and so forth, please click here.

ALSO IMPORTANT: I’m using what is reputedly the best vending software you can get for WordPress web sites. But don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know if you have trouble with any of the web checkout process.

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53 Responses to Eric Flint’s Bookstore

  1. Kelly says:

    When will 1824 be available at Baen Ebooks?

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  3. Patrick Price says:

    When will 1632 hard copies be available?

  4. Chuck Harlow says:

    When will you write the sequel to 1824?

  5. michael h bernard says:

    I cannot find 1632 available in ebook. Can you tell me where to find it in ebook, or why it is not available in that format?

    • Phil Newman says:

      You could probably get it at Look for the free library under Home. You can download it from there. You have probably already been told this. Hope it was helpful if you have not.

  6. Kenneth. Witter says:

    I am also unable to find 1632 in book. Where can I get it?

    • Marc Prince says:

      I discovered the book (1632) and the series (not all, or even most are there) at my local Barnes and Noble a few months back, if you don’t mind paperbacks. I prefer them, myself, because I’m rough on books, paperbacks are economical for readaholics, and they fit in the cargo pockets of the work pants I usually wear so I can take them almost anywhere.

      It was a spur of the moment purchase, I was there looking for David Drake books I don’t have, and noticed the title on another shelf below. Now I’m hooked.

  7. Lucinda Hampson says:

    I have lots of those lovely ebook gazettes but I can’t find them on site. I think
    vol 34 or 36 is my last. Are there more?

  8. BRT_admin says:

    FYI, the 1632 e-books can be had through the BAEN web site, at page. Meanwhile, the rest of the hardcopy items have been added! Take a look!

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  10. margaret redmon says:

    When are you planning to publish more of the 1632 series?

  11. Michael says:

    Have you considered offering copies of these books autographed by yourself? Even if they cost more, I would treasure a copy of 1632 signed by you sir.

  12. Manny Lieberman says:

    I just got the new 1635 Papal Stakes on Audiobook, but I still cant find The Eastern Front on Audio even though it’s been out for a while.. I also preferred the first few Audiobooks in the series where the reader actually had a command of dialects and accents. When do you think the Eastern Front might be available in Audiobook form?

    • JC Hagen says:

      I much prefer Audio Books I get them right away when they come out. but so far only a handful have come out.

    • Soeren Thorup says:

      I agree i have been looking for an audiobook version of “The Eastern Front” but i have still not found one and im desperate to continue the series. If you can buy it anywhere i would like to know where and if not will it be available at some point or should i just abandon the series ?

      • OWIM says:

        I suggest abandoning the series to all who are interested in the audiobook format and checking back in a few years. Maybe/hopefully by then atleast all the mainline books in this verse will have been released. As is by all I can tell after searching the following are missing in audio format: 1635: The Dreeson Incident, 1635: The Eastern Front, 1636: The Saxon Uprising and more and more.. It is very sad.

  13. Philip remington says:

    Where can I buy 1634 the Baltic war in audio form? I listened to 1632 and 1633 that I purchased from I own a kindle fire

  14. Victor Lishnyansky says:

    Where can I find information about translation of Eric Flint’s books, especially the 1632 series, into other languages? If I want to translate (and publish) a book into Ukrainian what legal steps shall I take?

    • Eric Flint says:

      So far as I know, the only books of mine which have been translated into a foreign are the Belisarius novels and the Honor Harrington books I’ve done with David Weber. I strongly recommend not translating anything unless you have a publisher. It’s likely to be a lot of work for you, otherwise, and with no guarantee anything will come out of it.

  15. Marc Prince says:

    I hadn’t realized a few months ago when I discovered 1632 that Eric Flint wasn’t entirely new to me. I own Eternal Frontier, and have thoroughly enjoyed James H. Schmitz since the late ’80s. But apparently he’s a secret treasure of SF, and his books are very hard to find. The only ones I’ve been able to acquire are “EF,” “The Demon Breed,” “The Witches of Karres,” and “Agent of Vega.” It’s nice to discover I’m not the only one. I rarely buy hardback fiction, but I’m glad I looked over Flint’s bookstore. Now I’ll be on the lookout for “Sorceress of Karres,” and “Belisarius I.”

  16. Ember Grummons says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying the 1632 series on Audible – George Guidall is the perfect narrator for this series. I noticed the books are not being released in line with your recommended reading order – why not? Most listeners who take in interest in the series will do what I did – google the recommended reading order and try to follow it as far as possible with the audiobooks. Right now there are some gaps, starting with “Ring of Fire” What are the plans for future audiobook releases? Also, please keep George!

  17. Eric Flint says:

    Eventually, all the 1632 titles — the novels, at least, I’m not sure about anthologies — are supposed to come out in audio, but I don’t know when or in what order.

  18. Robert C. Gibson says:

    Eric, how do I get in touch with 1632, Inc???? When I logged into Grantville Gazette
    this morning I get only “This Account has been suspended”….why? I’ve paid my $50
    Citizen’s dues via Paypal for several years latest was invoice ID 5050-KPQ on Feb. 9,
    2014. Transaction ID 882A86974PK1376702 – Status COMPLETED. I hate to bother
    you with this but don’t know where else to go. Any help will be greatly appreciated….
    I enjoy the entire Ring of Fire series greatly….you and the gang keep up the good work.
    Robert C. Gibson (just entered my 7th decade ‘n still going strong (more or less).

  19. Marc Prince says:

    Dear Mr. Flint (strange perhaps, coming from a stranger, but I love the way you tell a story, so you’re dear to me),
    What happened to Guy Gordon? I just finished Telzey Amberdon, and went looking for his site, which is gone. I went searching for him elsewhere online and failed to find him, though I did find someone else’s recommendation that mercilessly teased me with what a great site it was for Schmitz readers. Your (and his) afterwards were very helpful to my understanding of Mr. Schmitz, and greatly appreciated. My impression from them was that Schmitz was a lot more prolific than I’d dared to hope. Those four Hub compilations you wrote of have me stoked, and it sounds like you may put out more of his stories. I’ll buy them all (and a book of short stories is always handy for a busy person).

    Are those four you wrote of, in order, “Telzey Amberdon,” (the afterward was in that one, which made me wonder) “TNT,” “Trigger and Friends,” and “The Hub: Dangerous Territory?” “Dangerous territory,” looks like it may contain “The Demon Breed,” which I haven’t been able to find another copy of since I was given a hardback in ’89. If it is, thank you very much for that.

    I’m going to order the other three from Baen, I’ve got to have the cargo pocket sized paperbacks. There’s also an “Original Edition of edited Schmitz Stories,” that I don’t have in Ebook. I hope it makes it to paperback.

    There aren’t many Authors that tell a story well enough that I have to start rereading it as soon as I finish it, but Schmitz did, and so did you with 1632. Both, coincidentally, at 2am when I had to be up by 6. It’s really great that you’re doing so much to expose people to such an excellent and hard to find author.

    • Eric Flint says:

      I haven’t had any contact with Guy Gordon in many years now. We worked together closely on the Schmitz reissue, and then on a reissue of Howard L. Myers. We also began a reissue of Murray Leinster but that got cut short because of problems with the estate. After that we went our separate ways. As I recall — but it’s now been almost a decade — I ran across him a year or so after the last books in our various reissues came out (which was in 2004) at an SF convention. I haven’t seen or spoken to him since.

      THE DEMON BREED is indeed contained in “The Hub: Dangerous Territory.” There were a total of seven volumes in the Schmitz reissue, which put all of his works back in print (and for the first time ever). In addition, Dave Freer and Misty Lackey and I have written two sequels to THE WITCHES OF KARRES (they’re titled THE WIZARD OF KARRES and THE SORCERESS OF KARRES) and Dave and I will be published another volume in the future. (And maybe more after that. It depends on sales.)

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  22. Burns Cameron says:

    I can’t seem to find Volume 41. I was reading Second Chance Bird and want to continue

  23. Stephanie says:

    Mother of Demons is my favourite book in the world. Is there any chance you’ll ever be able to list some copies here? A signed copy would blow my mind!

  24. L.VanLinder says:

    I can’t find a hardcover copy of the first Grantville Gazette. Is there any such thing?

  25. Amy says:

    I was looking on Amazon and found that some books of the ring of fire fiction press are only available on kindle; you do mention that paper editions are on a print on demand basis, so is there any way to get paper editions available on Amazon?

  26. Dennis W Lopes says:

    in the eastern front Oxenstierna takes over at the end what is the name of the title which tells what happens to his attempt to take over?

  27. LastKent says:

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  28. Hovah Freeman says:

    You wrote in July 2013 that you had a backlog of other work that you had to get done first, but you were hoping to get the sequel to 1824 written within a year. Obviously, other commitments and events prevented that from happening and I was wondering if you have decided whether or not you will actually write a sequel. As both a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation and an admirer of your work, I would certainly be disappointed. It’s not often we see an Indian-centric work, especially one that isn’t overly romanticized. In any case, here’s hoping you find time in your busy schedule to write a sequel. But if not, so be it. What you’ve already done with the series, as well as your other work is excellent and I always look forward to reading anything you have written.

    • Herbert Sakalaucks says:

      You might want to check out the 1632 books, The Danish Scheme and 1635-The Battle for Newfoundland. The North America books will be dealing with an alternate outcome for Native Americans.

  29. A. Robinson says:

    The “I Ching” told me to read all of your books.

  30. We like your web site, it has nice content, Thanks!

  31. Dan says:

    Are any books currently available to order? Unfortunatelly all I see in the list right now are some references like “[wp_eStore_fancy2:product_id:1:end]”.

  32. Christy Kersh says:

    Would love to order a signed hardcover for my son. Are there any available?

  33. GeekAmI says:

    First, I think it’s brilliant to bring together so many subject matter experts and to expand the series and universe by such talented authors.
    Second, please and thank you, do you have a listening order for the Ring of Fire and Grantville Gazette audio books?
    Third and last, From reading the whole series (and the related stories), I realize the importance of both the Ring of Fire I and II as well as the Gazettes. From the reading order, Ring of Fire I comes after 1632 but it is not on Audible. Is there a place it is available? If not, will it be?
    Thank you for a series. I have recommended it often.

  34. Richard E. Meyeroff says:

    I really hate reading on a screen. I have tried it a # of times but I like a real book in my hands. what are the chances of some of the e-book that have not been printed put out in a format that could be printed by individuals?

    the other thing is that with the amount of volumes I have I only purchase the regular mass market paperbacks.

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