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Best way to contact Eric is to post on Baen’s Bar at He wanders in and out of Baen’s Bar almost daily, monitoring several of the conferences personally. You can login to visit and read the conferences as a guest, but you will have to register to be able to participate, that is to say post any comments. We have a strict ‘No Hitting Rule’ at the Bar, so you don’t need to worry about wandering into a flame war. Just announce that you’re new and you’ll be gladly shown the ropes. Check out the Baen’s Bar FAQs listed on the left of the message board at Baen’s Bar. You will most likely find Eric posting to these conferences at Baen’s Bar:

► 1632 Tech Manual (Eric’s conference dealing with the 1632 universe)
► BuShips (David Weber’s conference)
► Classic SF (Eric’s conference devoted to his editing work)
► Dixon’s Vixen (Misty Lackey’s conference)
► Doctor Monkey (Dave Freer’s conference)
► Honorverse (Dave Weber’s conference devoted to the Honor Harrington universe)
► Mutter of Demons (Eric’s conference)

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283 Responses to Contact Eric

  1. Mario says:

    Dear Sirs, in the last month your site characters does no longer scale down to accomodate the size of a smartphone. It was allr ight before, something happened. Sorry for posting this here, I did not find another place. Could you put it right?
    Thank you. Your lifelong reader

    • Michael Steele says:

      I second this: The website is practically unreadable on a smart phone. What seems a good idea to a printer, SUCKS on a web site. Please hire a competent webber to fix this for you.

      • Randomiser says:

        I third this. On my phone there are two problems. The column of links on the right of the page is overlaid on the text making it next to impossible to read. In any case the text does not reflow to fit the screen properly and the line length means I have to scroll from side to side to try to read the snippet even in landscape. This is not due to any shortage of real estate, the phone has a full HD screen. Don’t know what the nuts and bolts of the problem is, but lots of other sites reflow just fine.

        • Randomiser says:

          PS. “Skip to the Snippets!” still doesn’t work as a link despite being in blue and neither of the rows of numbers on the page takes one anywhere but to a “page not found” error. It just doesn’t look very professional.

    • Mario says:

      It has been set right yesterday …

      • Graham Kent says:

        Today neither my smart phone nor laptop could get any snippets – just a blue screen with a X to the top right and the title of the snippet, but no text.

  2. Berton Miller says:

    I have visited (bar.baen) to try to contact you about my book. I have been unable to find out how to email you my book for review through the site. I meet you at the Nebula awards in Chicago May 12th 2016. I would appreciate any help you could provide.
    Berton Miller

  3. Robert Wilson says:

    I’ve read 1812 and 1824 The Arkansas Was, actually a couple of times. When are you going to write the third book? I could actually two more book in that time line. Thank you.

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  5. Sonya Cannon says:

    I just wanted to thank you for the James Schmitz and Christopher Anvil collections. I reread them every couple of years and thoroughly enjoy them each time. I am in the middle of such a cycle and decided it was time to tell you how much I appreciate the work you did arranging for each series. It’s been wonderful to have the complete bibliography of each author republished for everyone’s enjoyment. Thank you for all the work involved!

  6. Mario says:

    This site characters still do not scale down to a smartphone screen size, as it usually happens with all sites. They appear too big for easy reading on my iPhone screen. They scaled down all right until the beginning of the year though, so something wrong must have been done then. I would be grateful if you could put this right

  7. Cos N says:

    Hi Eric, my name is Cos,

    I’ve developed an application for writers to organize and visualize their stories – It’s called Storyline Creator and it’s a pretty cool app you (and perhaps your readers) might be interested in.
    We’re at, and I have a press kit I’d like to send your way to check out if you’d be interested. Let me know!


  8. Paul L. Quandt says:

    If Grantville appeared in central Europe ( in the area later called
    Germany ), in the year 1631 ( which is indicated on page 264 in the hardcover book ), why did you title the book “1632”?

    Paul L. Quandt

    • Andrew Fintamag says:

      Paul it is probably called 1632 because the last chapter ends in the year 1632. I have bought all the audio books of 1632 series on audible. I was wondering if anyone knew from bean publisher if the Ottoman onslaught would be released on audible on January 3. I like the books but I love George’s narration. Thanks.


      I know Eric is not responsible for audio products.

  9. Wesley Martinez says:

    Dear Mr. Eric Flint,

    I am most curious to know if any further progress has been made in scheduling the release of The Alexander Inheritance. Your other works have been most interesting and this is one that I have been looking forward to for some time. Thus, seeing as how no new information has been posted I thought I might inquire. To conclude, it is with great excitement that I look forward to its eventual release just as I do with all of your novels in the 1632 series.

    Cordially yours,

    Wesley Martinez
    Pro Spes, Laos Deo

  10. Danny Sichel says:

    Eric. Heard you’re sick. Terribly sorry. Get well soon, eh?

  11. Larry Pearson says:

    RE: Grantville Gazette Volume I

    I’ve read many of the 1632 series novels, some twice, and have just begun reading the Gazette. I would appreciate more divisions in the Table of Contents. For example, “The Sewing Circle” in Volume I is very long for having only one entry in the TOC. It’s almost a novel in itself.

    Thanks for reading.

  12. Bill Boyd says:

    Hi Eric,
    Your old comrade Bill here, from Morgantown. Just bought Ottomon Onslaught at Barnes and Noble. Paid full price, so keep an eye out for the royalty check. So far love it. And I was looking forward to your treatment of the Ottoman’s. it seems that the get overlooked in history. So far i love it… i said that didn’t I.
    Live Long and Prosper

  13. Nellie Carter says:

    My sister is blind, a huge fan, and reads the audible versions of your books. She has been having problems finding 1636:The Ottoman Onslaught, anywhere in an audible version. Would you have any idea why it’s not available yet? Or when it may be available? She is chomping at the bit to get to read the newest book! I used to record them for her on cassette, but work now, and no longer have time to.

    Thanks for any information you may can provide.

    Nellie Carter, to a voracious reader
    Nellie Carter, sister to a voracious reader!!!

  14. Wesson Jewell says:

    Hey mate i don;t know why its taken me so long to do this but it has recently become very important for me to do so.

    Thank you so very much for Forward the Mage. I read it for the first time at a public library 13 years ago and no book since then has been able to take its place as my favourite.

    I have read it at least once a year since then usually when times are challenging as for some magically reason that book can always reach me. I have bought so many copies as gifts for people passing on the joy that i experienced and never heard anything but genuine appreciation for the book.

    I hope one day that i myself can publish a book that brings such a positive impact to a life as yours has in mine.

    Lastly i would really love to buy an autographed copy from you as i saw that may be possible in your store section, how do i request it to be autographed?

  15. Dan Poss says:

    Dear Mr. Flint, I enjoy most of your 1632 series books immensely. However, having just finished the Ottoman Onslaught, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. The language of the characters, with respect to the “f” word, has degraded considerably. You have 18 and 19-year-old females talking like bar sluts, as you do many of the adult characters that one would expect to have more class than that, based on their positions. I’m not trying to be prudish, and I certainly enjoy some sexual bantering and good-natured cussing and ribbing by the badass characters, but most of the women in this latest edition seem to be way over the top “hard core.” For example, the recurring catch-phrase voiced by numerous characters (well, fuck me) is jolting and seems out of character for them, at least for readers like me that have grown to respect them as intelligent, articulate, individuals. Rita’s tirades seem contrived, and not respectful at all of who she happens to be conversing with. You’ve done all of this amazing research, and created a series of novels that are informative and appealing to a class of reader that I would suggest is a cut above the audience that you seem to now be targeting. For example, I would like to share some of these books with my children, or other young people in my circle of friends, as supplemental reading for their school studies, but I would never do that based on the current trend that you are pursuing.

  16. Mike Strong says:

    I wish you would revisit the Andrew Jackso era and round out the Rivers of war into a trilogy — I really want to see what happened to the Chiefdom of Arkansas.

  17. Ruby says:

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  18. Eric Johnson says:

    Mr Flint Jannissary were eunuchs so no paradise for them no nuts / they were raised from the children tax first born of any none muslim. Raised in the pit, area were children raised called. Read one in ten survived after reaching a age given test became a Imperial Bureaucrat Eunuch or Jannissary eunuch. Did I get my facts wrong?

  19. Andreas Nicoletti says:

    Dear Mr. Flint,

    I have very much enjoy your 1632 series from the beginning. Recently I rediscovered the series in audiobook form, and I am enjoying it again. But, it seems that neither the ‘ring of Fire’ series, nor the ‘Grantville Gazette’ series have been produced in audiobook form.

    Can you inform me if they have been produced or are planed to be produced? And, of course, where I might find them?

    Thank you.

  20. Larry McClellan says:

    A couple of thoughts for RoF:
    I don’t know if it was available technology in 163x, but it would be appropriate technology to make linen water bags that cool by slow evaporation through the material. They are made of thick, tight-woven linen. They were common tools for car travel in the 1920s through the 1950s — they would be hung outside the car and cool to roughly the local dewpoint. We used them sometimes when we traveled in the 1950s and I had a small one for hiking.
    Given that the water in the RoF period was unreliable, I can see modifying the design to keep a growler of beer or wine cool. Very nice in the summer time.

    Also, meerschaum is a fairly soft rock with a very low thermal conductivity. It is best known for use in tobacco pipes, but could be used as insulation.

  21. When I look at the Ring of Fire series on I noticed your main books are there but there are “unavailable” titles like the Gazzettes and other things. Are there plans for release of these other titles for the completists out there who want to throw money at the feet of the authors? If the publisher is not interested in this maybe you could do some kind of crowdfunding to do it?

  22. Edwin G. Bahten says:

    I started a conversation in Toni’s Table that I thought you might be interested in. oo many damn Cassandra’s peeing in the oatmeal.


  23. depending on fossil fuel is always a bad idea, we should always concentrate on renewable energy;

  24. Sue Martin says:

    Will there be follow ups to Alexander Inheritance ?

  25. Jason Wittman says:

    Hello, Jason Wittman here, you bought one of my stories once. Speaking of which, I found all the stories of The Best of Baen’s Universe 2006 online at this site:

    Is this legal?

  26. Steffen Hopf says:

    Unfortunately, the fantastic 16xx series is only available in English. Is a translation into German ever planned?

  27. Gary D says:

    Eric I just got my 83 year old mother-in law hooked on the 1632 Series she went through WW2 being born in Poland in 1933 and transported to Siberia for the war. Am I going to go to hell for it. big time

  28. Hi Nicole – Brunch is always a good idea!

  29. Timothy Kirby says:

    When are you going to make the ebook into a real book (paper one) for “The War for the Rhine”? If you don’t, you do a great disservice to your majority of readers. There are a large majority of us who don’t do ebooks since we prefer actual printed books and don’t like the kindle, ect. technology to read a book.

  30. Sebastianjg says:

    Adolf Hitler becomes leader of National Socialist (Nazi) Party on July 29, 1921.
    September 1, 1939 – Nazis invade Poland Between those dates Hitler made GERMANY into what he wanted the World to become. Israel Today knows the price so many made for the “mistakes” made between those dates. Israel is also a World Leader in Research.

    Think of the History of Poland PRIOR to that invasion. “Team” from Israel Today going to POLAND of 1921 having 18 years to PREPARE for Hitler’s Invasion. Polish Jews on Dirt Bikes with RPG’s and AK47’s. Hitler not only stopped butt cold, but POLAND very “angry” and CAPABLE of doing something of that anger. And also knowing what will become of the Middle East. How would the World be in that what if?

  31. Lawrence Luther says:

    I just finished the “Black Tide Rising” anthology and loved your “Up on the Roof”. This would be an excellent expansion to a full book.

  32. Any chance we’re going to see a third Pyramid book or Joe’s World?

    I keep waiting and it never seems to happen.

  33. Johnny R Bravo says:

    I’m trying to locate an rss feed for your site. It’s mentioned one or two times, but not easy to locate.

    1) Do you have a feed(s)?
    2) What is the URL?

  34. Sebastian Jay Griffin says:

    I tend to reread many books simply because not enough writers are hyper active little shits no one is sure how long they will live. Because of that, I tend to have “nasty” thoughts pop into my mind as I read. Thought Eric Flint or his friends might do something with this one for the Ring of Fire Universe.

    Veronica Dreeson is REQUESTED by Christian IV, King of Denmark to overhaul his Nations School System. So many ways from there so many wonderful/horrible things could happen :)

  35. John T. Cory says:

    In the book The Sorceress of Karres by Eric Flint and Dave Freer, a continuation of The Witches of Karres by James H. Schmitz, you mention on page 154 Pausert’s father was lost near the southwestern border of the Empire, the Duchy of Galm. Pausert’s mother, Lina, says she will be going there looking for a trace of Pausert’s father. This is written as though you plan a future book based on this. Perhaps Pausert and Goth (Vela) will go there to find his mother and invite her to the wedding of Pausert and Goth. Will such a book be written or has it been written.? – John Cory

  36. Barry Kaiser says:

    hi Eric, i bought your book 1632 at a discount store just now trying to read it and take notes,,, it seems very interesting… and also will be making a copy of the test that goes with it NEXT MONTH…

  37. Orville Figgs says:

    Dear Mr. Flint,
    Thank you for many enjoyable and entertaining books. I read to be entertained. You do that very well. May you be around for a long time and many more stories.

  38. Dear Mr Flint

    Will there be sequels to Time Spike and the Alexander Inheritance?

  39. Stephen Davis says:

    Is there something wrong with the Grantville Gazette web site? It has made my username invalid and has not responded to any of my emails, but still seems to happy to take my monthly subscription money. I am contacting you since I can not get any response from the Grantville web site.

  40. Francois says:

    How come there is no update to reading list(chart) since 2016?
    Also, I know Grantville is a small town, but there was a hotel. How come there no story about visitors that to the town?

  41. says:

    Eric, there is some kind of problem with the Grantville Gazette’s web site. I have been trying to change a credit card (got compromised), and no one responds to the “leave us a message” site. Emails kick back, along with the email address for uploading stories. Basically, the site is read-only. I want to renew my subscription and spend money to support, but the site isn’t helping… If there was a post office address I’d try the dead tree approach, or even a phone call. Help!
    User name: pat.riggs

  42. Roman Franco says:


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    Roman Franco

  43. Daniel says:

    Hi Mr. Flint, I’ve noticed that the last few releases have all had a blurb from Library Journal about 1635: A Parcel of Rogues on the back cover. Hilariously, practically everything about the blurb is inaccurate to the degree that I’m pretty sure the reviewer never even opened the book. I’m just curious, is this an inside joke or has nobody at Baen spotted it? Because it’s kind of ridiculous… in a sort of funny, sort of sad way.

  44. Pam P. says:

    Will there ever be another Karres book to wrap up the series?

  45. Larry McClellan says:

    In the Boundary/Threshold/Portal trilogy, was the name of the character Joe short for Jonah, given his ability to mess things up just by being there?
    If he had been a theoretical physicist instead of an engineer, that would have been considered manifestation of the Pauli Effect.

  46. James Bryant says:

    Can you please pass this correction to the eARC of “Flight of the Nightingale” to David Carrico – Google has not been my friend in trying to contact him.

    There are two passages which may be meant imply a contrast in the quality of the soups:-

    Lukewarm, which was to be expected. A bit thin, ­also to be expected. But it had bits of vegetables in it, and had from the taste of it had been exposed to at least the sight of a chicken in the recent past. She’d had worse, even in the Medici palaces.


    Clara bustled about, loading a couple of pewter plates with a couple of apples, a couple of bunches of raisins still on the stem, some slices of a creamy cheese, and two sections of a golden bread cut off of a large loaf. These she placed before them with instructions to “Eat! Eat! You look to be ready to fall down from hunger. Eat!”

    The two of them tucked into the food, while Clara filled a couple of wooden cups from a bottle of wine standing on a back counter. “Here. This will give you strength.”

    Before Francesca was done with the first apple, Clara was placing bowls of soup before them. The liquid was thick and filled with vegetables, while the aroma rising from them testified to the presence and influence of chicken in the recipe.

    But Clara is a Jew and would not serve cheese and chicken-based soup at the same meal. I do suggest that the cheese be edited out (and not be replaced with ham, either!)

    Best wishes – James Bryant (a Goy)

  47. Vicente Tsui says:

    I definitely considered a alternative conclusion, though I completely understand your thoughts.

  48. I don’t suppose a 3rd Joe’s World or Pyramid book is in the offing, is it?

  49. Ed Thomas says:

    Hi, sorry to bother you but your folks at the grantville gazette seem to be asleep, or something. I’ve tried 4-5 times to go through the process to renew my account. The system asks for my username or email. I’ve tried both but when I click on the link in the reply email, the system tells me there’s a problem. My username is/was EdThomas and email is I really would like to give you some money to get access to the Gazette but it seems it’s going to take some effort from on high to get us there. Thank you

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