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Eric Flint Newsletter – 25 JUNE 2015

There have been some modifications in my publication schedule from what it looked like in March. Here’s how it looks now: 1636: The Cardinal Virtues will be coming out in a week, at the beginning of July. It’s probably already … Continue reading

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Eric Flint Newsletter – 28 DECEMBER 2014

Well, I got through the holidays intact. This is always a bit of a dicey proposition because I do most of the cooking over the holidays and while I’m a rather good cook I am not one who is serene … Continue reading

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Eric Flint Newsletter – 7 NOVEMBER 2014

I’m a little behind on this newsletter. To bring everyone up to date, I’ve turned in three manuscripts over the past two months or so. I just turned in the manuscript for the next 1632 series novel, 1636: The Cardinal … Continue reading

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Eric Flint Newsletter – 26 MAY 2014

I’ve been feeling a little guilty because it dawned on me a while back that the photograph of myself that I’ve been using on this web page is pretty far out of date. How far? I’m not really sure, but … Continue reading

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Eric Flint Newsletter – February 2014

The next stories I have coming out are: I have a novelette coming out next week in an anthology titled MULTIVERSE, which is entirely devoted to the work of Poul Anderson. My story is set in Anderson’s “Operation Chaos” universe. … Continue reading

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