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Comment System changes

— Edited 18 Feb 2007 — Well, that was an interesting experiment, but we’ve switched back to internal WP comments. We did enable threading. Thanks for your patience with us. — Loyal Minion ========================================== We have moved the comments over … Continue reading

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Bibliography and Appearances schedule updated

 Yes, I know that truely LOYAL minions would do this more than once every 18 months or so, but never-the-less, the bibliography page (linked from the home page in the right-hand-menu) is now current through November 2008, with dates for … Continue reading

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New Events added!

  Check out the appearances schedule in the right-hand side bar.  Lots of new information.

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News about Jim Baen’s Universe

While Eric's still in the South Pacific, we'll point out that his latest column in the just-relased first issue of Jim Baen's Universe second year is about the relationship between drm-free ebooks and the opacity of the book market.  It … Continue reading

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Jim Baen’s Universe – major update / Eric Traveling

If you're a subscriber to Jim Baen's Universe, and you haven't been there in a while, you'll want to go check it out. There have been major updates to the site, and most notably to the e-arc experience (no no … Continue reading

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News about the Rivers of War series

Hi, all I just thought I'd let everybody know that Baen Books will be picking up the American alternate history series I started at Del Rey, with 1812: THE RIVERS OF WAR and 1824: THE ARKANSAS WAR. I just signed … Continue reading

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Grantville Gazette 12

While it will not be final until mid June, and not available on webscriptions until July, Grantville Gazette number 12 is now "up on the front page" at  with a really cool cover image. 12 will eventually feature the … Continue reading

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Grantville Gazette on line / going Pro / going bi-monthly

From Eric Flint: I’m sending this letter to everyone who has at one time or another bought an issue of the Grantville Gazette, the electronic magazine devoted to the 1632 series, or purchased one of the various multi-issue packages we … Continue reading

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Eric Flint on DRM and Copyright

As one of the loyal minions, it occurs to me that some of you may not be aware that Eric's semi-monthly editors column at Jim Baen's Universe is free and open to read without a subscription.   Therefore, I think it … Continue reading

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Forthcoming temporary update

The forthcoming page is somewhat out of date, but until we can get it fixed up, here's the master's schedule in his own words, quoting from a Baen's Bar post on Jan 17, 07  — Loyal Minions

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