Updated 30 December 2019

January 17-18, 2020
Colorado Springs, CO

I’m the Guest of Honor and Connie Willis is the Toastmaster

Superstars Writing Seminar
February 5-8, 2020
Colorado Springs, CO

Emerald City Comic Con
March 12-15, 2020
Seattle, WA

I’ll be participating at Bard’s Tower

Writers of the Future Awards
April 3, 2020
Los Angeles, California

August 20-23, 2020
Columbus, OH

NASFIC is hosting the Ring of Fire Con this year.

September 3-7, 2020
Atlanta, GA

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31 Responses to Appearances

  1. michael pell says:

    Hopefully you will be able to come to a LOSCON soon, especially if you haven’t been a guest before. Thanks and keep ’em coming.
    PS the Barnes and Noble in the Grove doesn’t have nearly enough of your books.

    • Eric Flint says:

      LA is my home town, and I’ve wanted to come to Loscon for a long time. The problem is simply that the convention takes place over Thanksgiving weekend and that’s always difficult because of family obligations. But I should be able to make it pretty soon, I think.

  2. All these years I’ ve read your works and never realised you lived close enough to shake your hand.

    More than 90% of my sci- fi/fantasy collection is owed to your free library project, as after I read them online, I had to get the actual books, which I rather think proved the point you made rather magnificently. I now read many authours I never would have, and found many series favourites there.

    From one grateful NWIN fan, thank you, and hopefully we’ ll meet at a local Book store signing sometime soon so I can convey them in person.

  3. scott peek says:

    I was wondering if you were ever in the silver horse bar in wanatah ,in.

  4. Chris says:

    Was wondering how you are feeling since the heart surgery. Did you have to make many life style changes since and how do you keep the pace you do? All the best….

  5. Eric Flint says:

    I feel fine. People have a misapprehension of what happened. I never had a heart attack or any significant problem. In the course of a more-or-less routine stress test, the EKG results showed an anomaly. As a result, I had an angiogram done, which to the cardiologist’s surprise — and mine, for sure — showed atherosclerosis in four arteries including one major artery that was 99% blocked.

    That’s why I had the bypass surgery done. It amount to preventive revascuralization, not something done to fix existing damage to the heart. So far as anyone can tell — and I now have tests done once a year — my heart is in fine shape. I have to monitor it, of course, and I’m now on medication that keeps my blood pressure under control and my cholesterol levels very low.

    • Chris says:

      I had a similar experience, no heart attack, more or less just not feeling well. Nuclear Stress test led to angiogram which led to CABGx4. 100, 90, 75 and 75 were my blockages. Found out on a Tuesday at 2: needed the surgery and had it 6:00 the next morning, done so quickly didn’t even have time to digest it. Home 5 days later. This was April of 2009 and like you feel good today. Watch what I eat, walk constantly and quit smoking so the rest is out of my hands. Good luck.

    • Bret Hooper says:

      Eric: Keeping your cholesterol level too</strong low may not be such a good idea: your body needs cholesterol as the raw material which it converts by photosynthesis to cholecalciferol, “sunshine” vitamin D. At least, be sure to monitor your level of vitamin D activity and calcium metabolism; you probably don’t want to be on the borderline of suffering from rickets.

      Be healthy!

    • Bret Hooper says:

      Dear Eric:

      I was ton prescription medication for blood pressure. I started taking 1000 mg. of resveratrol daily about 6 months ago, and my blood pressure got so low my doctor took me off the losartan, and it has stayed in the right range ever since.

      Red grapes contain resveratrol, and it is the substance in red wine that is believed to be what keeps the French from having the prevalence of heart problems that would otherwise be expected, given their dietary habits.

      Unlike red wine, the resveratrol capsules (1) don’t taste bad, (2) don’t get one drunk, and (3) cost less.

  6. teddy mcguire says:

    will there be more of the time spike storyline? and how cool would it be if the grantville characters ran into some of the time spike characters whiling exploring in america? just a random thought but definitly want more in the time spike line

  7. Chris Berman says:

    Hello Eric,

    I’m really looking forward to meeting you in October as we are both guests at Contraflow, in New Orleans. You are actually one of the subjects of a presentation I do when I’ve taught a science fiction writing class, that is putting real history into alternate history. My own background is as a science fiction author and military historian (MA Norwich University). I hope you have time to autograph one of my 1632 series books for me. Have a great summer and see you in October!

  8. JP says:

    Are you going to HonorCon in Greenville SC next month?

  9. justdave says:

    enjoyed meeting you and listening to your view of the Honorverse last weekend

    as we discussed at Greenville, if you do come to LA (Lower Alabama) for the winter and I can be of any assistance just let me know


  10. Bret Hooper says:

    Last year (2012) I looked in this department and found you were going to be at Libertycon in Chattanooga, only 100 miles away, and I greatly enjoyed meeting you there. Now there is nothing about any future appearances, only where you have been already this year. Very few of us, your fans, will be planning to visit past events in the hope of seeing you there. How about where you will be in the next few months?

  11. Really looking forward to meeting you at Necronomicon 2014 in October as our Guest of Honor!

  12. domain says:

    continuously i used to read smaller articles that also clear their motive, and
    that is also happening with this post which I am reading at this place.

  13. RFJ says:

    You are listed on the MARCON website for May 8-10. Is that still on and just overlooked?


  14. I wish you’d come to Gen Con in Indianapolis sometime. It’s known as a gaming con, but it’s also got a huge genre writing and reading component:

    There was even a Baen panel here last year.

  15. Gorg Huff says:

    Gorg Huff (That’s me) will be buying a table in the dealer’s room at ArmadilloCon 37.
    I am one of Eric’s coauthors on Kremlin Games, Viennese Waltz, Volga Rules, and 322BC Cruise to Alexandria or Alexandria Inheritance.

    ArmadilloCon 37 is being held from July 24th to 26th here in Austin:

    Omni Southpark hotel
    4140 Governors Row
    Austin, Texas 78744

    I’m planning to be available as much as possible there for signing books and selling stuff: books from my library, some of my artwork and pithy quotes.

    I hope to see you there


  16. Linda Nelson says:

    I am the Chairperson for MileHiCon. I would like to invite you to be
    the Author Guest of Honor for MileHiCon 49, Oct 27, 28 & 29, 2017, in Denver Colorado . We can offer travel and hotel expenses and a food allowance. All GOH activities would be coordinated with our Programming Director. Please contact me with your decision.
    MileHiCon is a well established convention with an attendance of about 1500. People would be doing backflips here in Colorado, if you could make it to MileHiCon.
    Linda Nelson
    MileHiCon 49 Chairperson

  17. Mark cope says:

    Will you be at Gen com all three days ? Where can we find you ? I am going just to meet you.

    Mark Cope

  18. Clayton Walker says:

    Hello, will the series go long enough , say 100 years, to see what the new future will be like??

  19. Mark Tuckfield says:

    Eric is my cousin and I can tell you that shaking his hand is no big deal but talking to him is wonderful! His clarity of thought is stellar. He is pretty mild mannered and can discuss most any topic under the sun. I always learn something from our discussions. I hope you get to meet him sometime.

    Mark Tuckfield

  20. Bret Hooper says:

    Was the 2019 Minicon the last one? I know it is the most recent one, but was it the last, or will there be one in 2020 and (I hope) more later? I have searched for word of any in 2020 and have found nothing whatever. Surely I am not the only fan facing the same problem. Please let us know what is (or – shudder – isn’t) in the works.

  21. Eric Flint says:

    The 2020 Ring of Fire Con — we’re calling it RoFCon now rather than “minicon” — will be held in Columbus, OH on August 20-23, at that year’s NASFIC (North American Science Fiction Convention). If you’re not familiar with NASFIC, it’s held every year the World Science Fiction Con is held outside the United States.

    Here’s the URL:

  22. Christy Lucia says:

    Any appearances on the horizon for 2020? My 16 year old son is a HUGE fan and I would love to surprise him by taking him to a meet & greet. Thank you!

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