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Snippets are excerpts from books which have not yet been published. I started posting snippets on Baen’s Bar back in 1999 and have maintained the practice ever since. Some years ago, when I first launched this web site, I carried over the snippets and post them here. They’re also still posted on Baen’s Bar, if you prefer that venue. (Go to www,baen.com, select “Baen Community,” and then select “Baen’s Bar from the drop-down menu.)

All of the snippets are posted in my conference, titled “Mother of Demons.” They can sometimes also be found in other conferences, depending on the title.

The snippets begin with the start of a book and typically go through half the novel before breaking off when the book is published. In addition to posting snippets from my own novels, I also post (with their permission) snippets from books written by many other authors.

We post snippets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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23 Responses to About the Snippets

  1. William Duncan says:

    Whom can I contact to pass the link where 1635 the Papel Stakes is online as an epub for free. I am trying to help…..but it seems impossible to get the information to someone and I dont want to contribute to it being leaked….

    I found it online and it looks like it was put online a few month ago on accident.


  2. Aaron Smith says:

    Whom would do such a dastardly deed. Should be keel hauled through a asteroid belt.

  3. Jim Fortune says:

    Is there a reason that “1635: The Papal Stakes” epub on the baen site is $9.99 while all the other books in the series are $6.99?

    • Tony says:

      I believe all Baen ebooks are now priced according to the latest physical release. So if the latest release is hardback, the ebook is X. If the latest release is paperback, the ebook is Y, etc.

  4. Peter S says:

    I came in on the snippets for a story relatively late, I’d like to find the start of the chain and begin reading it from the start. How do I find the first snippet of something?

  5. Andrew Waughington says:

    Really enjoyed the snippets for Forever Engine, so much in fact I bought the e-ARC…waiting for the next drip was too much like literary Chinese Water torture

    I was also wondering when we are likely to see snippets for Cauldron of Ghosts in here

    • Frank Chadwick says:

      Andrew, I can’t answer your question but just wanted to let you know I’m delighted you like The Forever Engine. Hope you liked the second half as much as the first.

  6. Peter Sauer says:

    Is there a reason why most of the Grantville Gazettes sold as ebooks on amazon are so extremely unedited? Why do many of them show mistakes that would get even a 4th grader into trouble if he delivered such unedited homework. I’m deeply disappointed.

    Even editing while reading them a second time would make them significantly better. It is a disgrace to the series and any professional writer’s work ethic.

    Please do something about it. Readers are paying real money and deserve at least minimal edited copies.

  7. Maercio Yamada says:

    Hi Eric.

    Just to let you know, that ever since I first found about 1632, I’ve become a hard-core fan/reader. I can barely wait until the release of your next book.

    And also, the Grantville Gazettes were the best idea you ever had. Reading them is always a pleasure. Keep your good work.

    Best Regards!

  8. Don Zettel says:

    When will snippets for “A Parcel of Rogues” begin or has that not been determined yet?

    • Eric Flint says:

      Here’s how it works when it comes to figuring how when snippeting will begin:

      a) The novel is being published in January.
      b) It’s about 134,000 words long.
      c) I try to snippet about half of the novel before publication.
      d) I aim for an average of 4500 words per week, in three snippets of 1500 words posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


      67,000 words (half the novel) divided by 4500 (average words snippeted per week) comes to about 15 weeks. That means we’ll start snippeting somewhere around mid-late September.

  9. Frank Chadwick says:

    You’ve probably heard this before, but it deserves saying. Thanks for running these Snippets here and over on the Baen site. I think it’s a great way of giving readers a nice taste of a story, letting them know if it works for them or not.

  10. Tweeky says:

    I wonder when snippets of the “The Alexander Inheritance” will be posted?

  11. Agnes E< Doherty says:

    What’s happened to the snippets? If I try to click on any of them now, I just get a blue box with the title of the book and nothing else.

  12. Arthur Frost says:

    Re the snippet problem: right-clicking either link of a desired snippet and selecting “open in new tab” will result in something readable (in the event someone else hasn’t already posted this workaround elsewhere).

  13. Matthew Gleave says:

    When will you start posting snippets from 1637: The Polish Maelstrom?

  14. Michael J. Lowrey says:

    The lead paragraphs here are heartbreakingly out-of-date.

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