Caine’s Mutiny – Snippet 00

On Monday January 2nd, I will be starting the snippets of¬†Caine’s Mutiny by¬†Charles E. Gannon.

Since this is a February release and we’re getting started on snippets very late, we’ll be starting with Chapter 19 of the book.

Please visit and click on Sample Chapters to see the first eighteen Chapters.



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5 Responses to Caine’s Mutiny – Snippet 00

  1. LucR says:

    Will there be another book in the Caine series?

    • Drak Bibliophile says:

      After this one?

      I believe so.

      • Mark L says:

        Especially if this one sells well. That’s the rule.

        • Charles Gannon says:

          Well, there’s another rule in play here: when you sell multiple volumes in a series. Also, prior sales.

          So, here’s the double report:

          This book #4 was contracted along with #5. So at least #5. And Toni and I have already spoken of others.

          As far as sales, every book in these series has earned out (paid out against royalties) in the first reporting statement (the first 6 months of sales). The last one, Raising Caine, paid out about 165 % of advance. And each book, so far, has paid out at a higher level. Fire With Fire, the first in the series, is now at nearing 500 % of advance. So, with any luck, there will be lots more to come.

    • Charles Gannon says:

      Short answer: you bet.

      Long answer: look at my reply to the last post in this thread.



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