Challenges of the Deeps – eARC

Is Available!


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6 Responses to Challenges of the Deeps – eARC

  1. Summercat says:

    And purchased.

    I /was/ going to spend time scanning the covers of all my furry comics, but nuuuuu, I had to have this earc get released earlier than planned!

    Well, time to open up an apple cider and enjoy. Chapter… 23, wasn’t it?

  2. Summercat says:

    And done reading.

    That was quite well and good.

    I’m now upset I have to wait so long for the /next/ book in the setting. Argh, so many questions, so much I want to investigate and know – and frustratingly, I know that the Voidbuilder Himself knows all the bloody answers to them, but tum te tum te tum!

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