Balticon 2017

I was just invited to be the Guest of Honor at Balticon over the weekend of May 26-29, 2017.  That takes place in Baltimore, if you haven’t figured it out already.

The reason for the invitation so far ahead of time is because Balticon also agreed to host the 1632 series minicon that year as well.  Next year, in 2016, the 1632 series minicon is being hosted by Fencon in Dallas over the weekend of September 23-25.

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6 Responses to Balticon 2017

  1. John Cowan says:

    Eh, when I saw the title I figured it was going to be in Latvia, Lithuania, or Estonia. Color me over-sophisticated.

    • Joe says:

      That would be Baltikon. Easy mistake.

      • Steve says:

        Eric Flint would not be the guest of honor were it in Latvia, Erics Flints would be (on account of a weird Latvian linguistic convention that all mens’ names must end in at least one “s”). But I think Sweden or Germamy would be more appropriate for a con on the Baltic with him as GOH.

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  3. Bret Hooper says:

    When and where can one get info about the 2017 Balticon and RoF Minicon? Balticon’s website is still all about the 2016 Balticon, which I doubt is still attracting many more fans to the 2016 con. How can they be persuaded that it is too late to get more people to the 2016 con? That their money would be better spent to increase attendance at the 2017 con?

    Provided that Eric is still going to be GoH and the Minicon is still going to be there, I want to be at the 2017 Balticon, with my son who lives nearby in Maryland, but how does one register for it? And what is the program schedule? And . . . ?

    • Bret Hooper says:

      Update: At last, the Balticon website has been updated to be about the future (May, 2017) Balticon 51 instead of about the past (May, 2016) Balticon 50. Unfortunately, tonite (5-Jan) there is virtually nothing about what is on the RoF Minicon program, or for that matter on the main Balticon program, but they say they will have some info about that soon. Registration is $64 until 28-February, after which it goes up. If you have the $64, you can register now.

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