Eric Flint Newsletter – 25 JUNE 2015

There have been some modifications in my publication schedule from what it looked like in March. Here’s how it looks now:

  • 1636: The Cardinal Virtues will be coming out in a week, at the beginning of July. It’s probably already showing up in some bookstores.
  • In October, Baen is publishing an anthology in honor of David Drake titled Onward, Drake! (Which has a really, really ridiculous cover which I am really, really, really looking forward to teasing David about when I see him this coming weekend at Libertycon. Oh, chortle…) I have a story in the anthology titled “A Flat Affect.”
  • In November, the mass market edition of Cauldron of Ghosts will be coming out. That’s a novel I co-authored with David Weber set in his Honor Harrington universe.
  • In December, the mass market edition of 1636: The Viennese Waltz is coming out.
  • 1635: A Parcel of Rogues will be coming out in January, 2016.
  • Ring of Fire IV will be coming out in May, 2016. The lead story in that volume will be a novelette by David Brin.
  • The Span of Empire will be coming out in late summer or early fall of 2016.
  • 1636: The Ottoman Onslaught will be coming out in January, 2017.

The big modification in my schedule is that we swapped places between The Span of Empire and 1636: The Ottoman Onslaught. We decided to do that for several reasons.

First, I didn’t particularly want to have four Ring of Fire volumes coming out in a row without anything else in the mix. Yes, I know the Ring of Fire series is what I’m best known for, but I write lots of other stuff as well. In fact—harrumph—of the fifty novels I will have published when 1635: A Parcel of Rogues comes out in January, only fifteen of them are Ring of Fire volumes. So there.

Second, my co-author on The Span of Empire is David Carrico, and he’s been waiting an awful long time to see this novel come out. By making the switch, I was able to shorten his wait by almost half a year. When you have dozens of novels in print, as I do, you get pretty blasé about your publication schedule. But when you only have two volumes published, as David does—one of which is only available electronically—it’s a lot harder to wait. Those days are pretty far back for me now, but I still remember them.

Finally, making the switch gives me a few more months to work on Ottoman Onslaught. That will be helpful because as the old and politically incorrect expression has it, this book’s going to be a bitch to write. I’ve got a gazillion subplots I need to juggle in addition to the (relatively) straight-forward task of writing a sequel to 1636: The Saxon Uprising. The problem is that Ottoman Onslaught also has to serve as the sequel for 1636: The Viennese Waltz as well as my short novel in Ring of Fire III, “Four Days on the Danube.”


In other news of the day, I’ll be attending Sasquan, the World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane in August. Here’s the URL, for anyone interested:

I hadn’t intended to go to Worldcon this year, but given the rather prominent role I wound up playing in the Hugo controversy, I eventually decided I ought to show up.

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16 Responses to Eric Flint Newsletter – 25 JUNE 2015

  1. balddudesrock says:

    Will you be juggling axes , at the same time?

  2. Gary D says:

    Take a new flak jacket W /ceramic side plates. Critics tend to go overboard when challenge.

  3. Positroll says:

    While you are juggling: Whatever happened to the 2 big naval 11-inch guns that Simpson Jr was dragging around Germany to liberate his mother from the Bavarians?
    They didn’t get mentioned in “Four Days on the Danube.” Maybe they are in Regensburg now, one of them on the mini-ironclad?

  4. cka2nd says:

    Any chance I can convince you to flip ROF IV with Span of Empire, too? You know, just to help David out.

    And because if I’d asked you to move it ahead of Parcel of Rogues I’d probably be burnt as a heretic a lot faster than Joan of Arc.

  5. Mary Frances says:

    Oh, good! I’ve been waiting for Span of Empire–so glad to hear it’s more or less firmly scheduled for next year!

  6. Peppe Privitera says:

    Dear Mr Flint I ‘m looking forward to sequels in the Joe and Jao series
    Is there gonna be any?

    • Eric Flint says:

      Yes, to both. The next book is the Jao series is already finished and is scheduled for publication in September of 2016. I’ve got the next Joe’s World novel mostly finished.

  7. Tim Helbing says:

    Any chance of a new Rivers of War novel coming out in the next few years?

  8. Bibliotheca Servare says:

    I’m not sure why I’m bothering (okay. I admit. It’s sheer, bloody-minded, mule-stubborn contrariness) but…take a look at this link, Mr. Flint. Look at the screenshots. Those are “mainstream” media publications, alongside “genre” publications. All spouting the same bullsh!t. But anyway, I’ll stop. You may or may not care, hell I hope you’re too busy writing to see this, but either way, at least I know there’s a chance you’ll see it, and maybe it’ll have an effect on your perspective as you participate in that worldcon “controversies in SF” panel that totally has nothing to do with those awful racist, etc-“ist” puppies. (Not saying you said that. Just that it’s silly to call a panel about puppy-kicking anything other than a panel about puppy-kicking. Or impounding and putting down puppies, as some persons I shan’t name might prefer.) Link:

    • Eric Flint says:

      For Pete’s sake, the articles cited here are months old — and the one by Entertainment Weekly is a retraction. You right-wingers seem to think you’ve “proved” something by showing that someone somewhere said bad things about you. You honestly seem to think that your democratic rights are being violated because someone disagrees with you.

      Newsflash! Salon magazine doesn’t think well of right-wingers!
      Newsflash! Secret documents prove the Pope is Catholic!

      Some of the articles cited are crap, some aren’t. The one is Salon was crap, sure enough. On the other hand, IIRC — it’s been a few months — the one in New Republic was pretty good.

      There were crap articles on the controversy in right-wing publications too, you know. The only reason I got involved in this ruckus in the first place is because the heavily-trafficked Breitbart site, whose stock-in-trade is lying, lied about ME. I spent a good chunk of one of my essay dismantling their asinine article on the Hugo controversy.

      • Bibliotheca Servare says:

        Am I mistaken, or did you ask us “right wingers” (I do not agree with that characterization of myself, by the by, but since when has that mattered) to “name names”? If you read Sarah’s next article, she makes some even more excellent points. I don’t feel my rights have been violated. Neither does Sarah, nor Dave, nor Peter, Brad or any of the other people, authors and otherwise, who have been or have become involved in defending the “misguided” cause of “sad puppies” to my knowledge. (Aside from when death threats and such things have been issued, but that’s not what I’m talking about) Dave, based on his words, just thinks that, in this case, the other guys are the real assholes, and he despises assholes as a matter of principle. He’d do the same thing if (in his opinion) the “right wingers” were being the assholes. Sarah, well, she feels as he does, but with the added motivation of having been directly attacked for her opinions and informed that because she is not a *leftist* Portuguese immigrant, she doesn’t qualify as a minority and has “privilege” which makes her almost as wicked and bad as whites, particularly those awful male whites. Oh, and I think Dave has a bit of a sore spot when it comes to (what he considers) deliberate racial discrimination, too, much like Peter, given their backgrounds. Those articles are indeed, “months” old. And not one of those “angry white men/males” (Jesu I sound like James May almost with that quote), including any of the non-white, non-male individuals involved, was contacted by the author’s of any of those articles. And entertainment weekly? They retracted an article that stated that all the author’s and works on Brad’s slate were white males, and that “Sad Puppies” was a white supremacy movement. Yeah. How shocking that many of the “puppies”, many of whom have been active, even fought in, anti-racist causes and even wars around the world, or who have been subject to discrimination themselves because of their races/genders/etc, would find the prevailing narrative that the “pups” are a bunch of “misogynistic, racist, homophobic, right-wingers” whose sole goal is to advance the cause of social injustice, infuriating, even rage-inducing. How shocking and childish to be outraged over having your views, race, gender, even sexual orientation, deliberately, or incompetently, misrepresented in the mainstream media. Not one person, with the obvious exception of yourself, who has written about “Sad Puppies” in a critical (to abuse the word beyond recognition) fashion has failed to lie about them/it. Vox Day is a racist asshole? Sure. But he is one person, and he doesn’t run news organizations or write for the New Yorker. To tell the truth, I don’t even know why I brought it up. It seems obvious you have decided your opinion of the “puppies” and it is (if I may presume to guess) that we are misguided, foolish, right-wing windmill-jousters, and we are wasting our time being oversensitive, and wasting your time while we’re at it. I like you, Mr. Flint, I really do, and I love your work. But it seems to me that I don’t really understand your perspective on this issue, and I’m not being very successful or very clear in communicating my perspective on it to you. I try, but I am not always the best judge of whether I am concisely, coherently communicating the concepts and thoughts I am attempting to lay out. I will shut up now, and simply enjoy the snippets. :-) Thank you for listening, and bothering to reply, even if we couldn’t agree, and even if you think I’m a very silly person. (I am, incidentally. Silly, that is. Or so I am told) I look forward to purchasing your next book! :-)

  9. William Simon says:

    Glad to hear that Span of Empire has moved up in the schedule. That’s the nasty problem with reading early novels in a series before the whole series has been published; you’re left hanging.

    For what it’s worth, the Free Library introduced me to several authors and series which led to considerably more money spent with Baen than would have occurred without the service.

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