Eric Flint Newsletter – 13 MARCH 2015

I’ve discussed my publication schedule with Baen Books and here’s how it looks now:

1636: The Cardinal Virtues will be coming out in July, 2015.

1635: A Parcel of Rogues will be coming out in January, 2016

Ring of Fire IV will be coming out in May, 2016

1636: The Ottoman Onslaught will be coming out either in late summer or early fall of 2016.

The Span of Empire will be coming out either at the end of 2016 or early in 2017

1636: The Ottoman Onslaught is my next solo novel in the 1632 series and is the direct sequel to 1636: The Saxon Uprising (as well as “Four Days on the Danube,” my short novel in Ring of Fire III). The Span of Empire is the third book in the Jao Empire series, which began with The Course of Empire and The Crucible of Empire. David Carrico is my co-author on the book.
I’m only listing new titles. There will also be a number of reissues – Mother of Demons (April), 1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies (June), Cauldron of Ghosts (October) and 1636: The Viennese Waltz (November).
I also have coming out:
— a short novel (“Sanctuary”) coming out in April in Bill Fawcett’s anthology By Tooth and Claw
— a novelette (“Operation Xibalba”) in an anthology dedicated to Poul Anderson that Baen is reissuing in June (Multiverse)
— and a short story (“A Flat Affect”) that will be included in a David Drake commemorative anthology being edited by Mark Van Name. I don’t know yet when that will be published.

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25 Responses to Eric Flint Newsletter – 13 MARCH 2015

  1. John Cowan says:

    You gave me quite a shock there! Usually people are only commemorated after they’re dead.

  2. Tweeky says:

    I’m wondering when the first snippet for 1636: The Cardinal Virtues will be posted.

  3. OmegatitanRand- Lord Mantear of Andor says:

    You, my fine good friend, have but given the wishes and hopes of the multitudes a voice.
    For which we thank you most kindly. I personally have been greedily looking forward to the time were I may buy the E-ARC.

  4. Michael Stim says:

    What is A Parcel of Rogues about?

  5. Bryan says:

    I’ve been waiting for “A Parcel of Rogues” for years, Can I pre-order now?

  6. Valeriu says:

    I’m really a fan of Ring of Fire series. Keep up the good work. Also could you write in future books of Ring of Fire universe about the independence of Portugal (at the time Portugal was part of Spain) and the formation of the state of Israel in 1640s for example. With the history books brought back by americans that shows what happened in XX century, the european jewish population could be in danger on the long run especially in XVII century.

    • Reality Observer says:

      I can see doing something with Portugal; it’s quite plausible that it could be triggered into revolt from the Iberian Union somewhat earlier.

      State of Israel? Not in the least bit is this plausible (and I would be upset with Eric if he allowed it into the narrative). In real life, the Ottoman Empire was nowhere near being the “sick old man” that disintegrated in World War I (allowing the formation of Israel as a side effect – the successor States were still not strong enough to accomplish it’s destruction when it was formed). In 163x, it is even less so – it is a very credible threat to the Austrians, and the chronology where it reconquered Persia has been moved up (giving it, essentially, a single front to worry about).

      Jews are pretty much safe in the USE – particularly after Gretchen’s group pretty much slaughtered the major anti-Semites. The whole Wallenstein Gambit indicates that they will at least be preserved in the East. The only significant threat is to Jews in the West – not so much because they are Jews (although there is still that), but because it is quite rational for Gustav’s rivals to see them as probable spies, saboteurs, etc. Add State concerns to commoner prejudice, and that is a worry.

  7. In the hope that it will be of benefit to the authors of my favorite hypernovel, I list below the 17 volumes in print thus far with “163 ” in the title, in the order I would buy them if I didn’t already own them. That is, if I could have only one to reread, it would have to be the original 1632. If I could have only two, my next choice would be 1635: The Dreeson Incident and so on. For Amazon reviews, I would give every one 5 stars; I loved them all.

    1. 1632 [+] Battle of Jena, Battle of the Crapper, Jeff & Gretchen
    2. 1635: The Dreeson Incident [+] Beginning of Chapter 19
    3. 1634: The Baltic War [+] The Great Escape
    4. 1634: The Bavarian Crisis [+] Reunion in Basel
    5. 1634: The Galileo Affair
    6. 1635: The Tangled Web [+] Mail Stop
    7. 1633
    8. 1636: Commander Cantrell
    9. 1635: The Eastern Front
    10. 1636: The Saxon Uprising
    11. 1635: The Kremlin Games
    12. 1634: The Ram Rebellion [-] Brillo
    13. 1636: The Viennese Waltz
    14. 1636: The Devil’s Opera
    15. 1635: The Cannon Law
    16. 1635: The Papal Stakes
    17. 1636: Sieze a Fortune Seas of Fortune

    If you authors would like other fans to post their rankings, or if you would prefer they didn’t, please so reply to this post. Thank you

    • Herbert Sakalaucks says:

      Don’t forget the ‘other’ ROF novel, The Danish Scheme. Since it was not published by Baen, they had to leave the 163x out.

      • Geoffrey Nichols says:

        Eric in his preface to Grantville Gazette Volume VII says that Ring of Fire Press books are available on Barnes and Noble and Baen Books’ Webscriptions. I tried to find “The Danish Scheme” in both places with no luck. Where can I get a Nook version of your novel?

      • Herbert Sakalaucks: I would give The Danish Scheme (and Joseph Hanauer) 5 stars, too, but I considered them medium-length fiction, like The Wallenstein Gambit and Four Days on the Danube . (I never could sense a dividing line between a novelette and a novella, nor see any point in keeping track of the distinction.)

        I would love to read a sequel to The Danish Scheme, or see it expanded into a full novel, 163x: The Northwest Dead End ?

        • cka2nd says:

          Yes, yes, yes to a sequel to The Danish Scheme! While I’ve been somewhat critical of Mr. Sakalaucks’ prose, his economic and political speculations, and the plot flowing from them, were VERY interesting and cry out for further development.

          Will the Danish plan to transform not just the North Sea but the entire North Atlantic into a “Danish Lake” succeed?

          Will the Dutch defense of the Hudson Valley bottle up the French in the evacuated (and burned down?) New Amsterdam?

          How much cooperation will we see between Dutch, English and previously abandoned French colonists, Dutch privateers and warships, the Danish crown, the USE, up-timers and Native Americans?

          Will young romance and English political intrigue be served with the survival of a seemingly lost ship?

          And finally, for the total geek in me, will the Danish Air Force show the colors, flying over the Danish possessions of Norway, the Shetland, Orkney and Faroe islands, Iceland, Greenland and – England and France be damned – Newfoundland and Hudson Bay? With maybe a side flight or two over Scotland, the Dutch fortress at “West Point” and French New Amsterdam?

          I think I would be more excited by a sequel to The Danish Scheme than I am for a couple of the upcoming books in the 1632 Universe’s mainline.

          • Herbert Sakalaucks says:

            The sequel is just about finished! I had health issues last year and then did a trip to Europe to get a better feel for the locations of some of the scenes. Hopefully, the draft of The French Riposte should be to Eric and minions by the first week of July.
            Herb Sakalaucks

  8. Endril says:

    Like many others, I was practically screaming and begging for A Parcel of Rogues! Great news!!!

  9. Tweeky says:

    I’m wondering when the third “Pyramid” novel (Co-authored by Eric Flint and Dave Freer) will be published?

  10. Gorg Huff says:

    Sorry Eric says

    “No. At least for the moment, that series is in abeyance.”


  11. Richard Christopher says:

    I expect you’re tired of the question, but is there another book in the 1812 Rivers of War/1824 Arkansas War series (does two books make a series?) anywhere on the horizon?

  12. Reality Observer says:

    Yay! And I can actually buy them without being insulted by the publisher’s employees for liking a Leftist author!

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