Eric Flint Newsletter – 7 NOVEMBER 2014

I’m a little behind on this newsletter. To bring everyone up to date, I’ve turned in three manuscripts over the past two months or so. I just turned in the manuscript for the next 1632 series novel, 1636: The Cardinal Virtues. Baen Book has it scheduled for publication in July, 2015. My co-author on the novel is Walter Hunt and it recounts the events leading up to the outbreak of the French civil war. (What? You didn’t see that coming? It’s not as if I haven’t dropped more than, oh, five hundred hints or so across the past half dozen novels.)

Earlier, I turned in the manuscript for The Span of Empire, which is the sequel to The Crucible of Empire. David Carrico is my co-author on this novel. I began the series working with K.D. Wentworth, but as many of you already know Kathy passed away a couple of years ago. She’d only written four chapters before she broke off working on the novel due to her illness. I asked David to step in and he did an excellent job of completing the first draft. We don’t have a publication date yet for the book.

I also turned in the manuscript for 1637: The Volga Rule, which I co-authored with Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett. This novel is the sequel to 1636: The Kremlin Games. No publication date has been set yet.

Over the summer I also wrote a short novel titled “Sanctuary,” which will be appearing in the second anthology in the Clan of the Claw setting created by Bill Fawcett. The anthology is titled By Tooth and Claw and it’s coming out in April of next year.

Right now I’m working on a novel with Mike Resnick titled The Gods of Sagittarius. We’re about halfway done and we should be turning in the manuscript in a few weeks. Once that’s done I’ll start working on my next solo novel in the 1632 series. Baen Books has it scheduled for publication in January 2016.

And to think I used to have Real Jobs! Bosses, time clocks, getting chewed out by foremen, the whole nine yards. Oh, chortle. Nowadays all I have to do is work. Piece of cake.


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26 Responses to Eric Flint Newsletter – 7 NOVEMBER 2014

  1. Mark L says:

    Now you are your own boss. The two best things about being your own boss:

    1. The boss might be a jerk, but you get paid just as much as the boss.
    2. The boss might think you are a jerk, but he will never fire you.

    The only problem with the arrangement is organizing a labor strike against the boss. Somehow it never comes off. The boss just makes it a vacation.

  2. Andrew Netteberg says:

    Big fan of the 163X series! Glad to see things have developed in France to the big hullabaloo we have been expecting. I’m also interested to see where the Russian arc is going, I really enjoyed Kremlin Games.

    Any word on the England Arc? We haven’t seen anything since Melissa and company busted out of the Tower, and I am missing Julie, Alex, and Darryl. I really want to see what’s going to happen with Laud, Wentworth, and Cromwell.

    Also, any new decisions on the next few books in the series? I know there’s something going on with Simpson and Cantrell in the Mediterranean, something with the French and Dutch in the former US Colonies. Anything else?

    I love your work and you’re doing great!

  3. Hey, this is great! But as long as you don’t have anything else to do – LOL – how about a sequel to 1824: The Arkansas War?

    I loved the first two books, and it’s set at a time in American history we glossed over pretty quickly in school. Besides, the subject is fascinating, given America’s long, sad history of racism, and the characters are great. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

  4. robert robertson says:

    Any new plans for another novel in the Honorverse with Cachat and Zilwicki?

    • Andreas says:

      Oh, yes, please! And preferably about Cachat and Zilwicki actually discovering something, and not about Thandi Palane becoming a Mesan war hero.

      The Honorverse looks a bit stagnant at the moment. The characters have no real troubles: The Solarian League is hopelessly outgunned, everybody with a competitive navy is allied to Manticore and the Detweilers have hinted that the Mesan Alignment doesn’t really have the tonnage.

      Also they

  5. Andreas says:

    If there is a nice suitable planet half way to their original colony planet, how come it wasn’t already discovered and in the database? The destination should have been discovered and colonized well after this planet, because searching near earth is easier than searching far away from earth.

  6. gogoll says:

    The last reply – by andreas – obviously related to castaway planet.
    Am I the only one, who is still waiting for “The Rhenan Wars” ?
    “Escape from the tower”, as once a title was revealed, is obvious dealt with.
    An addicted german to the 1632 universe

  7. Tweeky says:

    I want to know what the status of the third “Pyramid” universe and the Krimm-pyramid.

  8. Connie Thomas says:

    Will there ever b a sequel to “Time Spike”? Or have I missed it somewhere along the way?

  9. Geoff says:

    I’m looking forward to the development of the various Asian story threads myself. I want to find out what happens to the Japanese refugees from Thailand, as well as the Japanese Christians in North America.

    • Andrew Netteberg says:

      Those are also pretty fun threads, so I agree with you there.

      At the same time, I wonder if Japan is going to progress into Siberia/Kamchatka. IIRC at the time, it’s mostly unclaimed and utterly unsettled. Having some ports there and a few colonies would really help Japan down the line with all the resources there, and the weather isn’t that far off from the Japanese northern islands.

      Plus, militarily, it would help with granting a supply base to attack into Korea or Northern China / Manchuria another area of interest/importance to further Japanese expansion.

      • Robby says:

        It is the LIA! Even today the Kamchatka Peninsula is COLD and IMO VERY agriculture-restrictive.

        Vladivostok and surrounds (fairly far north up the pacific coast) currently (1630s) belongs to China and even that far south is still fairly agriculture-restrictive (and in the LIA Vladivostok is NOT an ice-free port).

        AFAIK Korea still has a decent fleet (not the Hermit Kingdom until more than a century later) having kicked the Japanese Navy’s ass in the fairly recent past (IIRC less than a generation).

        And the Manchu have not yet set their eyes/plans towards the south (Ming China).

        NTM that China is not isolationist yet either (though they are in the beginning of severe civil unrest).

        And AFAIK (due to Siberian cold-flow and arctic current) modern Russia’s pacific coast is a heck of a lot colder than their latitude would suggest. OTOH even Japan’s northern isles (IIRC) have similar advantages to that Norway’s coast enjoys (in their case from the Gulf Stream; it even aids as far east as the Barents (Murmansk is an ice-free port)).


        • Stewart says:

          Having been 14 1/2 miles East of the Kamchatka Peninsula at an undisclosed time in my past, I can say it would be an excellent year-round ski resort….

          — Stewart

  10. Michael Berger says:

    Dear Mr. Flint,

    thank you so much for creating the 1632 universe.

    I’m living in Munich, Germany and really enjoy your alternative history since I’m highly interested in German and Central European history. Reading your works often makes me smile and in most cases even the inaccuracies when it comes to the German languagee makes me smile.

    During the last few years I have bought all of the 1632 hardcopies and the first 40 issues of the Grantville Gazette on German as ebook for my kindle.

    I really would like to buy more issues of the Grantville Gazette, but the issues higher than 40 are not published on .

    When will the remaining issues be available to your German readers? I have been waiting for about six months now and publishing of Grantville Gazette seemed to have stopped. Could you please remind your publisher to keep on publishing? The waiting is getting a little frustrating.

    Kind regards from Munich,

    Michael Berger

  11. Don Zettel says:

    Just want to say thank you. I enjoy your writing, especially the 1632 series and contributions to the Honorverse. Best wishes for a great and productive 2015!

  12. Barney Barnett says:

    I’m concerned that the original story line you mentioned in the preface to Ring of Fire, the one with Mike, Rebecca, et al is being lost in the proliferation of side stories. The last I read, (at the end of The Saxon Uprising) Mike was asked by the Emperor to stomp on Maximilian of Bavaria. Is that story still forthcoming?

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