Concerning the Phoenix Rising snippets

Ryk has told me to only post thru Chapter 25 so Monday’s snippet will be the last one.

However, the EARC is available at [Very Very Big Grin]




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12 Responses to Concerning the Phoenix Rising snippets

  1. It’s UP? Tony Daniel had just said it wouldn’t be up until the 16th!

  2. Robert H. Woodman says:

    And now, having thoroughly hooked me, I will be forced to buy the e-book.


  3. Drak Bibliophile says:

    Well Robert, Ryk had given me a copy of the story (not completely edited) and I *just* had to purchase the EARC. [Crazy Grin]

  4. saladin says:

    well the book is preordert since….it was possible (and since i know the first draft…the story is getting even better *g*)
    so go out and buy!!!!
    ´cause i want to read part two *evil grin*

  5. JeffM says:

    I guess that some of us without those kinds of resources will just have to suffer in silence until November. SIGH.

    [glances around to see if anyone cares.]

  6. Shanuson says:


    saw the earc in the morning, bought it and read through it.
    I was surpised that we where almost half through the book with the snippets.

    Its a great story with many hints for more, but sometimes it felt like stuff was missing or so, like there are more storys in between that got cut out or so.
    I did not liked the ending so much, is an ok conclusion i guess but i think one feels that much more is missing from the story and it only really started. So i really hope there will be more books to tell it, and that in these books there will be a bit more room for those missing parts.


    • I was given a directive to give the book an ending to stand alone.

      I did the best I could. The problem is that it’s a trilogy and there’s just no way to actually wrap stuff up.

      And yes, there’s pieces that got cut. I’ll probably post those up on my site as sort of “DVD extras”, so to speak. I cut large chunks from the beginning because, to be honest, it took a long time to get everything MOVING. For instance, the opening prologue is of course the attack on Kyri’s old home and the death of her parents. The original draft then went immediately to Kyri, her sister, and her brother walking home and discovering their house in flames.

      I also stopped the book earlier than intended so that it didn’t end, as I’d originally planned it, on a total cliffhanger. Instead, that part will form the start of Book Two, if/when I write it.

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