A Rising Thunder ARC

is available, see: http://www.webscription.net/p-1554-a-rising-thunder-arc.aspx


Obviously, I have no word on when snippets will begin.



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14 Responses to A Rising Thunder ARC

  1. robert says:

    Those have been posted forever on Weber’s site under snippets and on the Baen Bar thanks to Drak and Duckk.

    Now if one can restrain oneself from reading it all in one gulp, Baen’s webscriptions has the first 8 chapters as Sample Chapters. Maybe by the time you read all that, snippets will be here.

  2. Nimitz13 says:

    So much for me making comments on ART! I’m gonna be busy reading for a day or two!

    In a way it’s too bad because I enjoy the discussion here so much. But then I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth either. I wasn’t expecting this until January!


  3. Maggie says:

    Somehow I will keep myself away from this until after T-day.

  4. robert says:

    New news. ART Snippets will begin on Dec. 16 says Drak elsewhere.

  5. Nimitz13 says:

    My first thought was “Is this the WHOLE book?” Cause it seems to end at an unlikely spot in the narrative. Did we get 1/2 or 3/4?

    Then I checked the Weber forums and it seems the book was cut in half – the sequel “Shadow of Freedom” may or may not already be completed, although a publishing date doesn’t appear to have been announced. ART is shorter than all but the first 5 books in the series and only 7% longer than books 6 and 7. It’s the shortest Honor book since 1995! And the ending had me flipping to the nonexistent next page, as if the MWW just quit writing at that point.

    Here’s the number of pages of each book in the series, minus any afterwards, appendixes, or profiles of the author, as generated by my ebooks in Lit format using Microsoft Reader at medium font size. Your numbers will vary, but it gives a good idea of the relative length of each novel.

    # Title # of pages
    03 A Short Victorious War 547
    04 Field of Dishonor 560
    01 On Basilisk Station 628
    02 The Honor of the Queen 651
    05 Flag in Exile 668
    06 Honor among Enemies 818
    07 In Enemy Hands 819
    09 Ashes of Victory 1082
    12 Mission of Honor 1166
    08 Echoes of Honor 1185
    11 At all costs 1400
    10 War of Honor 1552

    Honorverse books

    1 Crown of Slaves 940 (with Eric Flint)
    2 Torch of Freedom 1105 (with Eric Flint)
    3 Shadow of Saganami 1366
    4 Storm from the Shadows 1368

    7 of the last 8 books are 1100 pages or longer, and the page count is going up.

    So instead of a book the size of “At All Costs” (Almost TWICE as long!) we’re getting two. While I have no complaint with the MWW making zillions and becoming filthy rich (hopefully NOT to the point that he no longer writes!) I’d prefer to get the whole story at once. It’s a marketing decision by Baen, who is of course our favorite publisher, has no DRM, and provides ebooks in almost every conceivable format and eARCs months in advance of the publishing date. Still, it’s an unpleasant surprise and I’m dying to know how long the wait for “Shadow of Freedom” will be!!!

    Here I am complaining that we got the eARC a month before the snippets begin and 5 MONTHS before the publishing date! Thanks Baen! I just can’t help wishing it was at least 400 pages longer…

  6. Bernd says:

    I found spelling and word errors in ARC. Where should I send corrections to help make sure they are fixed? I have been annotating them as I go on my iPad.

  7. Drak Bibliophile says:

    Bernd, see below (copied from http://www.webscription.net/c-2-advance-reader-copies.aspx)

    An eARC is an electronic Advance Reader Copy. This is an unproofed manuscript and is guaranteed to be full of typos and error. It is pretty much raw from the authors word processor. But you get the entire eARC well in advance of even the WebScription release.

    Please do not send in typos and errors, we know the eARC is unproofed and the author doesn’t need to be inundated with “corrections”.

    ARCs do not include the final proofed version. For the final version you would have to buy the single or monthly bundle for that book.

  8. d says:

    Nimitz13, that was one of my first thoughts too, however I think most of what is done in the book could have been shrunk down to the first 1/2 or 2/3 of it. I liked the length, just not the pacing.

  9. Ed T. says:

    Imperfections and blemishes be damned! It was still a welcome dose of drug to temporarily cure my no new Honorverse withdrawl symptoms. Of course I will soon be throwing tantrums demanding the next book. Only hope I and David live long enough to finish the series. I am reminded of a story that really has no connection: some lady got a divorce from her husband for mental cruelty. She was a murder mystery fan and he delighted in writing the name of the culprit at the head of page one.

  10. alejo says:

    Very nice book. I liked it. One of those “Enough is enough” architypes/plotlines. MOre! More! MOOOOOORRRREEEE!!!!! ;(

  11. Nimitz13 says:

    @11. Ed, we’re on the same page. Having an author DIE on you part way through a series is heart-wrenching – for his family of course, but also for his millions of readers.

    When I heard Robert Jordan was dying I looked at my complete set of the “Wheel of Time” books and couldn’t believe I’d never find out how it ended. Fortunately Jordan knew he was dying and had time to select someone to finish his work. His replacement has continued with the plot he was given, spends less time describing what everyone is wearing, and almost never uses the line “She crossed her arms under her breasts!” (Jordan used that DOZENS of times in every book and it got really, really old…)

    But Jordan had over a year knowing he was going to die in which to prepare another author to finish his series. If your favorite author dies suddenly, that’s the end. And the MWW isn’t getting any younger, nor am I. So to a degree our impatience is tinged with worry that we’ll NEVER get our greedy little mitts on the “next book,” no matter who the author or what the series may be. How many singers and rock stars have died with so many of their songs yet unsung?

    Dictate MWW, dictate, as fast as you can!!!! ;)

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