Upcoming Publications

The next few books I have coming out, either as author or editor, are the following:

This month: Eric Flint, 1636: The Saxon Uprising just came out.

May 2011: Christopher Anvil, Rx For Chaos. This is a mass market paperback reissue.

June 2011: Eric Flint and Dave Freer, The Sorceress of Karres. This is a mass market paperback reissue.

July 2011: Eric Flint, Ring of Fire III. Virginia DeMarce’s 1635: The Tangled Web is being reissued this month in a mass market paperback edition.

October 2011: Eric Flint, Worlds. This collection of some of my short fiction is being reissued this month in a mass market paperback edition.

November 2011: Eric Flint, 1635: The Eastern Front. This is a mass market paperback reissue.

January 2012: Eric Flint, Grantville Gazette VI.

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17 Responses to Upcoming Publications

  1. Anders Söderström says:

    Its nice too see that the third book in the karres series will be out soon.
    But when will there be a reprint of part two ?

  2. J. Sorel says:

    I simply adore the Ring series. I wonder if the Revolution will spread to southern Europe (I am a Spaniard…) and Iberia will get rid of that moronic Habsburg dinasty we had over here. And what about America? It would be funny that up-timers re-discover their own original land, perhaps visit the same territory where Grantville was placed – will be placed, I mean.

    Thank you.

  3. Stephen Squires says:

    Just want to say how much I enjoy your work. Any books that you have written or worked on are on my automatic buy list.

    I would like to know if there is any plan to continue the Karres series? I bought and read the fist book The Witches of Karres by James H. Schmitz back in 1989. After reading it I was hoping the story would continue but later learner of the authors death in 1981. I thought then that it was a great loss to the gender. Years later I was on Baen Webscription and found a book titled The Wizard of Karres but with Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint and Dave Freer as the authors. I bought this book not hoping for much as seldom do other authors really pickup the story as the original had written it. I was very happily surprised that not only was the story highly entertaining but it had the same feel as the original authors. I have since read The Sorceress of Karres with the authors Eric Flint and Dave Freer. Once again the same feel and a great story. So please let me know if there are any more books planned based on the Karres series. I feel there is allot of potential for many more books of the Karres series and hope to be able to purchase them in the future.
    Thank You.

  4. Vikingted says:

    Sounds like I have a long wait until the next print version of the 1632 series. I am waiting with Bait Breath (hee, hee). Eric, if you do read this, please note that you are giving my son and I many great hours of reading and strangely enough so hours of discussions on what might come next… Thanks for your and your Teams hard work.

  5. Jac says:

    Any news on when the next 163x books will be coming out. I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy via the Grantville Gazette the universe

  6. Lou says:

    I have to echo the other sentiments re the Karres series; I really like the way the new books have a similar ‘feel’ as the original, and would love to see the series extended.

  7. Ben says:

    Yes please for more Karres books. They are fantastic.

  8. Shawn J. Oaks says:

    I am just finishing The Sorceress of Karres and am finding it hard to think you might not keep the series alive by adding to them. I first read of the Witches in the mid seventies thanks to my late mother. Then I was heartbroken to find out that mister Schmidt had passed. I am about to begin looking for your other books and thought you might like to know that I’m adding your name to my list of very readable writers. Please consider another Karres novel. I thank you for the hours of enjoyment I’ve spent reading both, the Wizard and Sorceress books. Please keep it up, and thanks again.

  9. Eric Flint says:

    Dave and I have plans to do at least one more Karres novel. But I don’t know how soon we’ll be able to work on it.

    • Davey says:

      Not to be snotty, but could you replace the Baen Books editor on the book with someone who’s actually mastered English? I read you two’s (in #2, three’s) prose, and I keep tripping over spellos and grammar gaffes. It’s also frustrating for a long-time Karres reader to come to places where the characters just abruptly shift from speaking in their own manner (Goth and Leewit especially) into practically proper English. (I believe ‘the’ Leewit was actually referred to as just Leewit if it needed a proper name, not an awkward “‘The’ Leewit” when calling her by name (“Hey, the Leewit!”). Someone stop getting that editor a drink!) (My copy of Witches is the roughly-1980 Ace edition. If the speech patterns were something you did in the you-edited edition, well, I haven’t got that one.)

      The original? A delight to this day. I spent the last two days re-reading the now-trilogy. The second book wasn’t as bad as I’d remembered it (spellos and grammar mistakes and out-of-character speech patterns notwithstanding); I personally think you guys missed the whole Sedmon Of The Six Lives thing by light-years (the original book honestly made it sound more like a Doctor Who-type spate of long life; a comment in Witches seemed to indicate that he’d been doing the Daal thing for six ‘lives’ now), but again, with time grows complacency. Continually re-using lines from Witches in Sorceress, rather than coming up with new lines of your own, was disappointing; third book’s the least-enjoyable so far in great part for that reason.

      But I’ll at least look at a fourth book before passing further judgment; my mother still enjoys the books, and isn’t as discriminating a reader of them as I am. :S


    • Philip says:

      Just finished the Karres trilogy. I found all books in the series to be a delight. My favorite character remains the Leewit.

      Looking forward to the eventual book 4. I’ll be checking out your other titles in the mean time.

  10. Justin says:

    Please give us more Karres

  11. Lou says:

    Gotta echo the other sentiments. If you write it, we will buy!

  12. Timothy Grogan says:

    Found #’s 2&3 last week after 20 years. Love the additional books. As my Grandson says “More Please!”

  13. Toby Pennell says:

    I too fell in love with the original book, Witches of Karres, when I was younger. I have enjoyed the next two and look forward to another one. The last post I read was from 2016, when you said you weren’t sure when you could get to it. Any newer time line available?

  14. Frederick Lazar says:

    Good sequels (or prequels for that matter) are very hard to write. Your team has done a great job on Schmitz’s Witches of Karres – which I have enjoyed since the late 60’s. I am hoping for at least two more volumes in the series. The last note from EF I see is from a year ago. Any update on the availability of a new book (hopefully, yes)? As someone wrote earlier in the thread – if you publish, we will purchase.


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