New Ebook Short Story Collections !

For those of you with Kindle e-books, I recently put up a collection of my short fiction in the Kindle store at Amazon. The title of the volume is The Flood Was Fixed & Other Stories>. Some of these are reprints from various magazines but others have never been published before. Included in the collection are three stories that were my initial stab at developing what eventually became the novel Boundary.

Dave Freer and I also put up a collection of stories we’ve written together over the years in the Kindle store. The title of the collection is Crawlspace & Other Stories. It includes the long novella “The Genie Out of the Vat” which is the first of the stories in the Rats, Bats & Vats series.

The stories in Crawlspace are available for individual purchase as well. Right now, the individual stories in The Flood Was Fixed aren’t available separately, but we’ll be adding that before too long.

We’ll also be making the collections available in several other e-book formats, within a short time. We’ll post that here when it’s done.

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3 Responses to New Ebook Short Story Collections !

  1. When I heard about Orwell’s 1984 being “retrieved” from the Kindles of purchasers, I decided against _EVER_ having a Kindle – if you don’t want to sell your e-books without DRM, at least provide one I can read on my Nook.

  2. Bret Hooper says:

    Dear Eric:

    Like many others, I am looking forward to the publication, under whatever name, of “1636: Drums Along The . . . .” But please, try to avoid what was a fairly common; no, UNFAIRLY common colonial practice of asking a member of one tribe for the name of an enemy tribe, and then using that name, e.g. the tribal pejorative “mohawk” (cannibal) which a neighbor tribe used for the Kanyengahaga nation, which was the northeasternmost of the five nations, later six, of the Hodenosaunee (which the French called Iroquois and the English called Cherokee)

  3. Cheryl Russell says:

    Thank You!! Many years ago I read “The Witches of Karres” and was enthralled. Just a couple of years ago I re-read the book (for probably the fourth or fifth time). Not too long after than I was browsing in B&N, and found “The Wizard of Karres”. It was absolutely great, but I was afraid it would be the end. Now I have just finished “The Sorceress…” Please, Please keep up the series. It is wonderful, and I love the connections between the main players.

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