The Crucible of Empire – ARC

Is Available!!!


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7 Responses to The Crucible of Empire – ARC

  1. nlf says:

    The link posted above is to a page that lists the ARC, but without an active link to the ARC. There is an active link to the Ebook, to be available next March, but no active link to the ARC. Anybody know how to order the ARC?

  2. Drak Bibliophile says:

    There should have been an “add to cart” button.

  3. Johnny says: works for me!

    Enjoyed it a lot! Will there be another 6 year wait for the next installment?

  4. Summercat says:

    Already read it. I dunno… Mmm. I’m a bit disappointed. It felt like the book was missing the climax ending.

  5. robert says:

    @4 Maybe more to come? I recollect that Wentworth’s Black on Black books seemed to be wanting more.

    So Drak, what’s next in the snippet queue? Mission of Honor? I see the book cover is now showing on various sites (Amazon, Simon & Shuster). A Mighty Fortress? The next Ring of Fire book?

  6. WCG says:

    Why are these ARCs so expensive? $15? And for that, you get an electronic copy that hasn’t been corrected or proofread? That’s two or three times what an ebook costs.

    If you could pre-order the book and get the ARC as a free bonus, that might make sense (even at the list price). But otherwise, this seems ridiculous, don’t you think? Why is this so much more expensive than an ebook?

  7. Drak Bibliophile says:

    We’re ‘paying’ for the privilege of getting it early. Are we crazy? Maybe. [Grin]

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