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— Edited 18 Feb 2007 —
Well, that was an interesting experiment, but we’ve switched back to internal WP comments. We did enable threading. Thanks for your patience with us.

— Loyal Minion

We have moved the comments over to the cool, THREADED, comments system at INTENSE DEBATE, written by the same wonderful people who wrote wordpress, the platform this site runs on. 

You do not HAVE to create a new login in order to enter comments, but you get a bunch of neat features at ID if you do.  The new system includes open-id login, gravitars, threading, reply-by-email, rss feeds for individual posts, and a bunch more.  

We hope you enjoy it. 

-_ Loyal Minion

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18 Responses to Comment System changes

  1. David Walters says:

    When will the totally unusable River Wars web site ever funciton…it's been TWO years. The stupid PHP thing from world press simply doesn't work. Is there any word on when the next in the series is going to come out?

    • rboatright says:

      RIvers site is being re-directed to here.

      The old site with the Rivers snippets will _not_ be re-activated.

      The next book will be out from BAEN not from Del Rey, and it will be _at least_ two years from now.

      Why? Well, among other things, it would be nice if he could arrange a re-release of the first two, but DR still has the rights…

      So, I'm afraid waiting is in order.


  2. Daryl says:

    Sorry I've enjoyed supplying comments but I'm not prepared to have my details entered onto a US database.

    • rboatright says:

      well, of course, you don't have to, you can comment without logging in, it's just that logging in gives you more new spiffy features.


      On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 7:12 AM, Rick Boatright <> wrote:

  3. DJB says:

    The forthcoming section is very out of date. There is no useful information left.

  4. Lance says:

    Any news on when the next Safehold book will start snippetting? Publication is/was supposed to be later this year, so I'm somewhat surprised it hasn't started already. I need a fresh Safehold fix!!!!

  5. lkan says:

    If I have Javascript off, I get the old commenting system, and no one sees my comments.

  6. lkan says:

    The comments made from the old commenting system do not show up when you have intense debate running.

    (like this one)

  7. lkan says:

    Or perhaps not this particular instance

  8. Todd_S says:

    I am a HUGE fan of the 1632 series and world. Always eagerly waiting for the next book to come out. Trying to find hardbacks of the first two, etc. BUT…the latest installment "1635 The Dreeson Incident" is BORING BORING BORING!!!!! What in the world were you thinking? The first three quarters of the book was a cross between a day time soap opera and the the Old Testament chapters of who "begat" who!!! I had to force myself to keep reading to hopefully get to something relevant and interesting and exciting. The last few chapters about dealing with the anti-semitism problem in the Germanies were interesting, but almost seemed abridged to finish the book. What little action present, was just mentioned in passing. I realized every book can't be as great as "The Baltic War" or "Canon Law", but PLEASE…..keep the soap opera to a minimum!!!!

  9. Mike says:

    So … why the change back? By the way, the comment I posted for the current snippet of Stormy Red Sky disappeared in the move.

  10. Paul says:

    I liked the Intense system. I’m also curious to know why the change back.

  11. Loyal Minion says:

    Change back because the amount of spam leaking through the ID system was unbelievable.

    I was having to handle 20 to 50 spam comments a day, and I was missing REAL comments in the process. For some reason, even though they’re operated by the same company, IntenseDebate failed to properly implement the Akismet filter.

    So, back we go. — and I liked it too.

  12. damartin-nta-in_albq,nm says:

    hi eric,
    love your writing, all of it, only problem i have is my reading/retention rate(2300wpm+/78%+)so i tend to run out of money before running out of books i want to buy . you, dw,ss,cjc,ln,and lm-b are on my by first list,
    thanks for all the pleasant reads and making me think ocasionaly.
    david martin, not the artist, in albq,nm. hope to see you at bubonicon some time(nmsfcon)

  13. BadGirl41 says:

    It helped me stop smoking 5 years ago. ,

  14. Mark Henley says:

    To the webwizard,
    Where is the create/register account button?
    I’m in Firefox on a Windows XP box.
    My goal is to read Eric’s blog. Does one
    exist? If so, do you want regular readers to even
    have account or just view as guest?

    Beautiful Website!

    Mark Henley

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