Grantville Gazette 12

While it will not be final until mid June, and not available on webscriptions until July, Grantville Gazette number 12 is now "up on the front page" at  with a really cool cover image.

12 will eventually feature the start of a continuing serial story by Eric Flint, but we don't have that yet.

 Stil, there's a lot of cool stories and non-fiction.  Very tasty.  

-_ Loyal Minion 

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2 Responses to Grantville Gazette 12

  1. Ed Wilson says:

    I have aMotovational Poster of a Marine Sniper.
    She, thats right she, is cute and would most likely be a candidate for Julie!
    How do I send it to you?


  2. could you please fix your website, all I get is “DB Error: connect failed” for three days now.


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