And in more 1632 news….

Newly under contract with Baen, 1635: Symphony for the Devil with David Carrico. For those of you who follow the Grantville Gazette, that’s the Franz and Marla stories.

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3 Responses to And in more 1632 news….

  1. fabartus says:

    How about getting Baens to make a prominent link to all the Gazettes. That seems to have disappeared from the Baens home page. For the moment, I’ll trust your link at the right will get me there? Crossing Fingers and Holding breath…

  2. webmaster says:

    ALL the Gazettes aren’t openly available. Gazette 3 through 7 are available only through webscriptions, and you have to buy them. Go to, log in, go to INDIVIDUAL BOOKS and they are all listed there. I can’t link directly to it, since you have to be LOGGED IN to see them.

  3. fabartus says:

    I think I was under the misimpression that more were in the free library. Sorry. Frank

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