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Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press has just published a new title: Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett’s Pandora’s Crew. Many of you are familiar with Gorg and Paula, because they’ve co-authored three novels with me in the Ring of Fire series (1636: The Kremlin Games, 1635: The Viennese Waltz and 1637: The Volga Rules), an alternate history novel in a different Assiti Shards setting—that’s The Alexander Inheritance—and, last but not least, the recently published title by Ring of Fire Press, The Demons of Paris. That novel is the beginning of a new series the three of us will be doing that combines alternate history (in this case, medieval Eurasia) and fantasy.

1636: The Kremlin Games is one of the four 1632 series novels that made the New York Times best-seller list, by the way. So when the blurbs on the cover of Pandora’s Crew refer to Gorg and Paula as “New York Times bestselling authors,” that’s just the simple truth.

Pandora’s Crew is Gorg and Paula’s first foray into producing their own novel, without me as a co-author. I gave them some aid and advice, here and there, but this is entirely their book—and it’s a very good one. Pandora’s Crew is straight-up space opera, following the adventures of a starship crew as they get caught up willy-nilly (and certainly without their intent) in the collapse of a powerful, venal and oppressive mercantile oligopoly and the emergence of a new political order.

It’s a really good novel, folks. That’s not hype on my part, it’s what I really think. I enjoyed reading it and I think you would also. And if you do, there will be more to follow, since Pandora’s Crew is the first novel in a series. I might add that, unlike many series that get started by new authors you won’t have to worry about this one ever getting finished because I’m the publisher and I damn well say it will.

Many of you—lots and lots of you—have enjoyed Gorg and Paula’s writing when they worked with me. Please give them a try on their own. BUY PANDORA’S CREW.

Pandora’s Crew is available right now either on the Ring of Fire Press web site or on Amazon. It will soon be available through Baen Books’ Webscriptions as well. We only sell an ebook edition of the novel. If you want a trade paperback edition, you’ll need to get it through Amazon.

We make more money if you buy it through our own web site, because we don’t have to pay Amazon’s 30% distributor’s commission, but don’t lose any sleep over that. Just buy the book in whatever manner suits you. Here are the relevant URLs:

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