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Best way to contact Eric is to post on Baen’s Bar at He wanders in and out of Baen’s Bar almost daily, monitoring several of the conferences personally. You can login to visit and read the conferences as a guest, but you will have to register to be able to participate, that is to say post any comments. We have a strict ‘No Hitting Rule’ at the Bar, so you don’t need to worry about wandering into a flame war. Just announce that you’re new and you’ll be gladly shown the ropes. Check out the Baen’s Bar FAQs listed on the left of the message board at Baen’s Bar. You will most likely find Eric posting to these conferences at Baen’s Bar:

► 1632 Tech Manual (Eric’s conference dealing with the 1632 universe)
► BuShips (David Weber’s conference)
► Classic SF (Eric’s conference devoted to his editing work)
► Dixon’s Vixen (Misty Lackey’s conference)
► Doctor Monkey (Dave Freer’s conference)
► Honorverse (Dave Weber’s conference devoted to the Honor Harrington universe)
► Mutter of Demons (Eric’s conference)

230 Responses to Contact Eric

  1. Mario says:

    Dear Sirs, in the last month your site characters does no longer scale down to accomodate the size of a smartphone. It was allr ight before, something happened. Sorry for posting this here, I did not find another place. Could you put it right?
    Thank you. Your lifelong reader

  2. Berton Miller says:

    I have visited (bar.baen) to try to contact you about my book. I have been unable to find out how to email you my book for review through the site. I meet you at the Nebula awards in Chicago May 12th 2016. I would appreciate any help you could provide.
    Berton Miller

  3. Robert Wilson says:

    I’ve read 1812 and 1824 The Arkansas Was, actually a couple of times. When are you going to write the third book? I could actually two more book in that time line. Thank you.

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