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James May, who keeps posting here, is the gift that never stops giving. In one of his most recent posts, he insists once again that the SJW (social justice warrior) hordes are a menace to science fiction. So, in this … Continue reading

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          I swore to myself—again—that I was I was going to stay away from this ruckus after my first two essays (one long, one short) but some of the posts put up on my web site have worn down that … Continue reading

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Discussion rules

I can see it’s time I need to establish some rules for the ongoing discussion/debate on my essay (see below) on the current ruckus over the Hugo Awards. Rule One. Do not come into my web site and call me … Continue reading

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The bookstore is finally finished!

I also wanted to drop a small note to everyone, letting them know that the bookstore is finally finished. All totaled I am selling signed, personalized copies (hardback, ARC, and trade paperback) of over 40 different books. Click here for … Continue reading

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Superstars Writing Seminar 2013

Dear friends, As many of you know, for the past several years I have been teaching a seminar once a year on the business of being a professional writer. This is a three-day seminar that I do with Kevin Anderson, … Continue reading

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Site update and news for 18 July 2012

As people who visit here regularly have undoubtedly noticed by now, I’ve been in the process of redesigning and updating the web site lately. More precisely, given that I’m an electronic fumble-fingers of the first order, Brad Torgersen has been … Continue reading

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IN THE STORMY RED SKY – snippet 50

IN THE STORMY RED SKY – snippet 50: She wasn’t relaxed, precisely, but she felt much less pressured than she had a moment before. US1528 wasn’t protected by a planetary defense array, but the base had shipkilling missiles. The battery … Continue reading

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